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 ★ (Interview) "Come on man this was blown out of proportion!" -Salman Khan on Saifai Mahotsav !

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PostSubject: ★ (Interview) "Come on man this was blown out of proportion!" -Salman Khan on Saifai Mahotsav !   Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:46 am

★ (Interview) "Come on man this was blown out of proportion!" -Salman Khan on Saifai Mahotsav !
Salman blames the media!

Rohit Khilnani  January 12, 2014 | UPDATED 10:37 IST

Q) Salman I have known you for many years, I don’t remember the last time you came out with a clarification on any issue but this time I saw a long post on your facebook page which justified what you did at Saifai in UP. Why did you think this was a time to give a clarification?
A) I will tell you why! The media needs to make entertainment capsules with stars in it. And if you have names like Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt you’ll can make good one hour shows in which you’ll will have four breaks.
(I interrupt with a question)

Q) Come on Salman! You really think this is about business?            
A) (Angry) What is it? Don’t you want a show on your channel with stars in it? Come on man this was blown out of proportion! We were invited for a show like we are invited in other places. We just went for that one event, we have got to do nothing with any political party. It’s unfair to show shots of Madhuri Dixit dancing along with some poor kids suffering. If I perform in Andheri sports complex then why don’t you show the poverty outside and around Mumbai? Why only Utter Pradesh?

Q) Okay since you are asking me a question let me answer..
A) No! You’ll have been unfair this time! I was heading this group and let me tell you every actor who performed donated for charity at Saifai. So if I make money and give it for charity you’ll should be happy!

Q) No one is saying only you are wrong, we are also blaming the government that invited you!
A) No but that’s showing us actors in a bad light. And come on Akhilesh is the Chief Minister of a state, elected by thousands of people, I have to go and show some respect.

Q) Akhilesh came out yesterday and blamed the media for this fiasco…
A) I don’t know what he said I can speak for the actors and no actor was there to hurt anyone. We were only there because someone invited us. We did our job and came back that’s it!

Q) Mahesh Bhatt came out and was apologetic about Alia Bhatt performing at Saifai..
A) I can’t believe it. Why would Bhatt saab do that?” He has been so brave all his life so now why did he say this? I want to tell Bhatt saab that he should be proud Alia. She is such a hard working girl. It was her first show, she worked so hard during her rehearsals and was so looking forward to performing in front of lakhs of people. Why should Bhatt saab apologies? He shouldn’t have!

Q) Salman you are thinking in the way you are because you are a part of this performance group, see this whole thing as an outsider and see how it looks and you will know what we mean...
A) (Irritated) You asked me a few questions about Saifai and I have answered them. That’s all I have to say now move on!

Q) So that was the reason you thought it’s important to post a clarification on facebook justify what you did?
A) Yes I had to because news media was going crazy. You are changing an innocent viewers mind by showing him shots of actors dancing and people suffering in the same frame. I went where I was invited and came back!

Q) In Mumbai your loyalties are with Priya Dutt?
A)Yes because I have known Priya since she was kid. She is a really nice girl and I know her intentions are right. She has been working for the people and I have seen it. I will support Priya any day!

India Today

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★ (Interview) "Come on man this was blown out of proportion!" -Salman Khan on Saifai Mahotsav !
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