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 ★ (Jai Ho Interview) Each and every person will relate to “Jai Ho”: Salman Khan !

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PostSubject: ★ (Jai Ho Interview) Each and every person will relate to “Jai Ho”: Salman Khan !   Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:56 am

Salman Khan has finally wrapped the shooting of his much-awaited film “Jai Ho”. ”Jai Ho” is Salman’s first film in more than a year. His last film “Dabangg 2″ was released in December 2012.  Here’s what he has to say about the much awaited movie.

Newsroompost: What was the inspiration behind “Jai Ho”?
Salman: I loved the script of Jai Ho. The film consists of all the aspects which are required in a film. It has all the ingredients which audiences look for in a film. It has romance, family bonding, emotions, righteousness, good v/s bad aspect, corruption, politics and also the difficulties faced by the common man. This is one movie that each and every person will relate to.

Newsroompost: Are you purposely trying to spread a message through this film?
Salman: The plot is such that the message is spread very easily. Through the medium of movies one can entertain and spread a small social message. If you want to spread awareness then do it with the help of twitter, messages, lectures etc. A movie can only entertain. Entertainment can spread only one thing that is- good wins over evil. I try to spread this message through all my movies with the help of action, romance, comedy and drama.

Newsroompost: According to you, what changes does the society requires?
Salman: The society just needs success and development regardless of  the fact that it is already prevalent. The society needs more and more of it everyday.

Newsroompost: The whole country is suffering from corruption. Are you also affected by corruption?
Salman: Every person is affected by corruption in their daily life. It has gotten inside the system. People are used to it now. Initially people get disturbed, face difficulties and revolt a little but gradually the people get used to it. It has become an integral part of  our lives. As long as it does not reach any adverse condition, a person compromises with it and does not pay much attention. It’s everyone’s fault. We all should take a collective stand. The moment something worse happens the same person keeps blaming everyone around him, the society, the system, the government etc. According to me one should not wait for the worse conditions, instead take instant action. People should raise their voices, the moment something wrong happens.

Newsroompost: The poster of Jai Ho was designed by the people. What was the reason behind this?
Salman: I am incomplete without my fans therefore we roped in as many fans as we could. Many people contributed in the making of this poster.

Newsroompost: You are famous for giving a break to new and budding actors. In fact you mentor them to perform successfully on the silver screen. Did it feel any different to work with new actresses like Sana khan and Daisy Shah?
Salman: I did not feel for a single second that I was working with newcomers and that they were acting for the very first time for the silver screen. Both the girls are immensely talented. Actors these days are very refined. In fact Sana has done Bigg Boss prior to this film and has done various ad films. She has done a couple of ad films with me as well. As for Daisy, she was an assistant choreographer. And she has done a number of songs with me as well. She was not at all nervous. Both the girls have screen presence and are tremendously talented. They have done a terrific job. Sana is playing a negative role. She did her role with a lot on conviction. Daisy plays a Gujarati girl and her role has a comic side.

Newsroompost: Salman Khan films are notorious for being controversial. This one was no less. It is being said that this movie is a remake of a Tamil movie “Stalin”.
Salman: Yes it has been adopted from that movie. The plot is inspired from that movie but it has a lot of changes.

Newsroompost: This is the third movie which you are doing with your brother Sohail Khan. How different is he as a director? How is he on the sets?
Salman: (Playfully says what are you asking me? Will I say bad things about my director in front of you and that too about my real brother? ) He is a very talented director. He has a knack of portraying emotional scenes and he possess a lot of patience. He tackles the dramatic scenes with ease. He also has a great music sense. Sohail has his own distinguished style of shooting. His earlier two movies “Hello Brother” and “Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya” did great on the box office. They were much appreciated. This is a different kind of a film, u’ll have to wait and watch how this film does.

Newsroompost: Sana Khan and Santosh Shukla are also a part of Jai Ho. Is it because of their popularity on the reality show Bigg Boss or was it entirely due to their acting talent?
Salman: It was the demand of the script. Sana and Santosh were selected by the proper casting procedures. Both Sana and Santosh suited the roles perfectly and that’s the reason we casted them. We didn’t bestow any favour on them. They got selected solely on the basis of their talent.

Newsroompost: Bigg boss is finally over. People from all around the world are expressing their grief over the ending of their favorite show. We receive so many messages from your fans that they are missing the show terribly.
Salman: It’s only because the 9 to 10 slot is now vacant therefore they are missing it. But two new shows have come up so the audience will watch them till the time the next season comes.

Newsroompost: Is there anything in particular that audiences should expect from the movie except of course your fabulous performance.
Salman: It’s very entertaining. It has a feel good factor. It will evoke many emotions in the public. After watching this film, people will come out of the theatres with an aim to bring a revolution in the society. Each and every person will feel like doing something nice for the society. It is time to change the system.


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PostSubject: ★ Salman Khan entertains students at JIT College in Nagpur !   Tue Jan 07, 2014 6:50 am

★ Salman Khan entertains students at JIT College in Nagpur !

Sunday evening was special for Salman Khan Fans as the Dabangg star came calling to the city to promote his upcoming film Jai Ho along with actress Daisy Shah. On his three-hour visit to the city, Salman also visited JIT College where thousands of fans waited for him with bated breath. And though he was at the college for just about 10 minutes, it was enough for people present, whom Salman floored with his powerful aura and natural charm.

Shera comes to the rescue
When Salman arrived at the college, it wasn't he who got out of the car first. His bodyguard Shera got out of the car first and called in the bouncers and made them form a human chain to escort Salman. After this Salman got of the car.

Beware pal!
When Salman got on the stage, he was taken by surprise, when an enthusiastic fan hugged him all of a sudden. Salman pushed him away gently first and gave him a look, which said it all - 'Don't you dare do that again!'

You want to speak?
He does not like it when he's told what to do and Salman made it quite clear when he was on the stage. When he was being told repeatedly by a college official to say something in particular, he handed over the mic to him and told him, 'Lo aap hi bol lo!' It was after the official said sorry that Salman spoke again and recited his famous dialogue - 'Ek bar jo maine commitment kar di, toh phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta!'


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PostSubject: ★ Salman Khan: Jai Ho Is Not In The Wanted Dabangg Format !   Tue Jan 07, 2014 6:54 am

★ Salman Khan: Jai Ho Is Not In The Wanted Dabangg Format !

Anand Vaishnav , IndiaTimes | January 7, 2014

Salman Khan says Jai Ho is a film he really likes, which is why Salman is enjoying the process of promoting it. met Salman at a studio in Mumbai to get the Dabangg Khan’s candid thoughts on his first release in over a year.

Khan says it is important for those who have been voted to power to be knowledgeable and people in positions of influence must do the right thing, as the common man may not always have the reach. Revealing the thought behind his new film Jai Ho, Salman says one must avoid the status quo, stop blaming the system and take a stand against any form of oppression.

While critics may be quick to dismiss Jai Ho as yet another remake that follows the familiar format of recent action-entertainers, Khan insists that even though Jai Ho has romance, comedy and action…It is different.

Salman says, “In the Wanted format, the hero kicks; if the kick is not looking fast enough it is ramped up; following which the camera spends a good five seconds in slow motion on the fighter going flying. Jai Ho’s action is not that format…That format looked good. But films like Wanted, Singham and Dabangg became such big hits, that everything which came after them had a seen-this-before feel for the audience”.

Talking about the fatigue, Salman gives an analogy from the 90s, when family dramas were at the peak of their popularity.

"It’s like watching Hum Saath Saath Hai after Hum Aapke Hai Koun”.

“Had Hum Saath Saath Hai come first, it may have been a bigger hit. But because of Hum Aapke Hai Koun, people felt like they had already seen it all earlier," adds Salman.

Salman Khan has been quite vocal about how the present format of action films (a genre he revived with Wanted) has been getting repetitive, and is perhaps close to a saturation point.

”It will die,” argues Salman.

“What happened is that Wanted and Dabangg were seen by many as action movies. But those films were in fact driven by a lot of emotion, a story with a twist and a strong motive in the content. They were not just about random, frivolous action; in which the hero is only kicking villains all over the place”.

Elaborating on the style of action that fans can expect from Jai Ho, Salman reveals, “In most action films, the fighter does a lot more than the hero. But in my action, the hero is doing everything. I am climbing up, jumping, falling down…”

"At 48, I have been going through a huge amount of problem doing all that stuff. In Ek Tha Tiger and Jai Ho, the action is on a different level. There is a lot of physical action that involves running, falling, jumping, diving. And you can see that on screen. I am not allowed to do a lot of this stuff, but I am doing it."

Jai Ho is directed by Sohail Khan, while Salman’s last release Dabangg 2 was Arbaaz Khan’s directorial debut.

Comparing the styles of both his brothers, Salman says, “Both are younger than me in age; but one is older and one is much younger”.

Khan says he is in a position to make the cinema he enjoys and will continue to do films in which you root for the larger-than-life hero. Having grown up on such films, Salman says he wants to give his fans the same joy that he experienced at the movies.

Salman feels he must deliver what his fans expect from him, and says, “My health (the aneurysm) is not the audience’s fault. They are paying the money. ‘Bimaari Hai Toh Phir Kaam Mat Karo’. So we are doing as much as we can”.


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PostSubject: ★ (Interview) Are critics corrupt, asks Salman Khan !   Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:18 am

★ (Interview) Are critics corrupt, asks Salman Khan !
Faheem Ruhani  January 7, 2014

Salman Khan is the original big boss. So when he asks a question like this, he means business. Not that critics’ ratings affect the box office prospects of a Salman Khan film these days (and he knows this). But it’s good to have fun at your critics’ expense (he knows this too!).

In a super good mood after successfully wrapping Bigg Boss season 7 in the last week of December, Salman has now launched head first into the promotions of his upcoming film Jai Ho (January 24).

"I am enjoying doing all the interviews for Jai Ho because I actually like the film. Every time I see the rushes, it gives me a sense of wanting to be that character." In such a splendid mood, the superstar (actually his super efficient manager Reshma Shetty, chaperoning this interaction) grant you 10 minutes extra to chit chat. Salman Khan orders a diet coke, puts on his glasses (a rare sight), asks for a blade to cut his nails and shows how wicked he can be with his sense of humour, laughing, pulling your leg, cracking jokes (some at his own expense, others at that of the interviewer). When asked what qualities of his dad Salim Khan he has inherited, he says "I have inherited all the good qualities of Reshma Shetty!" Unleashed in this freewheeling chat, peppered with the additional good comments of Reshma Shetty, are those good qualities.

Are you going to host Big Boss season 8?
Reshma Shetty:  Arey Faheem, this is a movie related interview.
Salman: Yes, yes. I don’t think so. Maybe.  Might be. You never know. No. I will. Not.  

There’s speculation that you will produce Bigg Boss next year.
What do you recommend?

If you’re going to make money out of it, please go ahead.

Then I might. Then again, why would I do something for money? Then again, why not? Depends.

Do you think loss of privacy is a very big price to pay for fame and success?
Yes, 100 per cent.

But what you get in return far outweighs what you lose, right?
Yes. But the guy on the screen gets that. Now, when you’re entering or exiting from airports, people are taking pictures of you. Those are your private moments but people just take it for granted that they can shoot you with their phone cameras and some even start recording. I can understand if it’s for them but it’s not for them. They capture you and then it goes viral after they have uploaded all this sh**. That’s not cool at all. They catch you in your unguarded moments. They try to take weird angles. When you’re sleepy, you’re irritable. It’s just huge invasion of privacy. It’s a big headache.

There is another thing. If someone wishes you all the best, thank you or good morning or says God bless you, you say, ‘Thank you ma’am, thank you sir.’ But if this keeps happening throughout the day - ‘Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good afternoon, good afternoon, good afternoon, good afternoon, God bless you, God bless you, God bless you, God bless you, God bless you—  at one point of time, the sweetest and nicest things tend to piss you off. We actors are working all the time. You guys have a nine-to-five job. Our job starts when we are not on the sets. We’re working 24/7. I sleep two-and-a-half to three hours. So there are times when I just want to be left alone. There are times where I grab a nap in the car and my pictures have been taken. Right now, it’s happening in aircrafts. Just those moments, where you want to be alone - pictures are taken all the time. These are times one gets proper sleep. I don’t think any of the actors sleep on their bed anymore. They sleep in cars, in vans, in airplanes, when they are travelling. That’s because they are working so much. Where do they manage their sleep? They get half-an-hour sleep here, one-hour sleep there. If you want to take pictures, you should ask. And nowadays its not just pictures it’s the videos. And most of the times, you want to be alone. I mean, when you’re doing this publicity bit, when you’re going for these functions, it’s fine. But, when you’re on your own time or you’re on a holiday with family, that’s your personal time. And then they come and that really pisses me off and I can’t control myself. I can understand they are fans and all that but I don’t want my fans to be like this and anyone who is like that is not a fan of mine.

Salman, you did the most fantastic job of…

I did.

Err… Did what? I didn’t even complete my question.
I did.
Reshma: We are fantastic at everything we do
Salman: That was a statement.

You hosted the Star Guild Awards last year and you scheduled to do it again on January 16.
I s**ked at it and I think I am going to s**k at this one.

I thought you did a fantastic job.
I’m going to s**k further at this one.

Besides money, what else makes you want to encore with Star Guild awards?
Mujhe ek diet coke dena.  

When I asked you on the sets of Ready about the possibility of hosting the Filmfare awards, you said ‘It’s not my cup of tea’.
It’s still not my cup of tea because Filmfare did not want to pay me enough. So I didn’t do Filmfare.

And Star Guild is paying you well enough, right?
Reshma: He didn’t know that he is doing it. He is hearing it again for the first time from you.
Salman to Reshma: So, should we put a clause there that only if Faheem comes back to Filmfare as editor, then I will do the show.

No, that journey is over. I am happy at India Today.
Come on.

Next question, what if critics give Jai Ho four stars? Will you die out of shock?
Err… from the stars that the critics give, I do not want any stars because I don’t think that my thinking and the thinking of the critics match at all. And the audience’s thinking also does not match (with the critics). The critics have their own thinking and they give stars according to their thinking. In the case of some films, they give huge amounts of stars and the films do not do well. There are cases where they give very little stars to the films and those films do very well. So I think yeh Hollywood ke critics hain. Shayad, Hollywood mein bhi nahin chalenge yeh critics. And even if they give me na, stars for this film, they’ll say ‘yaar iss mein do star denge, ek star denge, picture toh chal gayi na, toh yeh humare pe aayega. Tell me, I want to ask you something, you are in this line. Are these critics corrupt?

Corrupt people can be found everywhere. Don’t you think so?
No, no I’m asking. (Blade dena) You can buy these stars?

May be. Don’t know. Can’t say for sure.

You can? Who are the people who you can buy?

That’s not my job! I wouldn’t know.
Come on.

I’m not one of them.
Looks towards Reshma: Faheem is saying you can buy these critics off.
Reshma: Just put (names a prominent critic) on line with Faheem na. They can discuss it and tell us.

Okay, next question…
No just give me the names because then I want to buy. I want to buy one, one star. (Looking at Reshma) How much is it? A lakh rupees or 10,000 bucks.
Reshma: One star though they give.
Salman: Reshma says one star they just give like that so we don’t need to buy stars.

Heard you are giving incentives to people close to you to lose weight. For every kilo lost you are rewarding them with a lakh rupees? That includes Reshma and Arpita?
Reshma: Are you suggesting that we lose weight? Ten minutes of time we have given you extra and you are insulting me sitting over here ya.
Salman: This is for both my sisters and Reshma included.  None of them are interested in money. They are making lakhs of money. They don’t give a damn about money.

The song Baki Sab first class hai reminds you of Ajaz Khan’s vocabulary in Bigg Boss 7. Did that inspire this song?

No, no Ajaz Khan has just come. This has been written a long time ago. This has been written in the light of the current situation of this country where everybody is happy with whatever condition they are in. This has just happened and all this movement and all these things started two years ago. All this bit about Aam Aadmi, this film (Jai ho) is way ahead of that.

Would you do Koffee with Karan for the fifth season?

Yeah but you know it’s not my personality to talk like that.

So Karan Johar conned you into drinking coffee on his couch and then spew out some of it.
No. I didn’t get conned. I went there because of Karan. I have known Karan for the longest time. I went there and I knew this is the format. I had to be within the format so I said whatever I had to say and that was done with it.

You’ve hosted Dus Ka Dum, Big Boss and two film award functions. Do we see you hosting a talk show as well?
I’ve done one award function. One more I’m going to do now. Talk show? No. Haan, yeah, yeah like a proper show.  (Chasma do yaar) Yeah, I would do a talk show but a different kind of talk show altogether. It should have an entertaining format.

What would you like to call it? Green Tea with Salman? Black Coffe with Salman?
No, not like that yaar. It’ll be like a full taam-jhaam. Like how Dus Ka Dum was. How I do these award functions where your own personality comes in. Sometimes, you start, and it turns out right. It depends on your mood. It depends on what the other person is saying. If the other person is interesting, you keep quiet, don’t do anything. But if the other person is not, then you have to do the talking. Then that depends on who’s pissed you off, how your mood is, how tired you are. What comes to your mind, how alert you are at that point of time.  How much in control you are or how you get carried away. It depends on me sucking or me messing it up. Me doing well in an award function totally depends on how my mood is on that day.

On a show, would you be comfortable asking people personal questions the way you are asked often?
I don’t ask people personal questions anyway.

Did you enjoy this season of Big Boss as much as your earlier seasons. This season proved to be quite controversial for you as well as the contestants.
I did. Yeah, I did.  I enjoyed all those ups and downs, I enjoyed everything. I enjoyed the arguments, because till the time it doesn’t come from the other person’s point of view, how are they going to explain their position. So it was good fun. Sometimes, I didn’t like what the channel had to do but this is the format of the show. And sometimes I didn’t like the way the contestants reacted but this is the format of the show. They are all playing the game and it’s all how ‘goodly’ or ‘badly’ they are playing it.

You quit smoking…

I never smoked.

No drinking, no smoking. Wonder what your parties look like now?
Like how I always party — without smoking and drinking.

Why aren’t you using a nail clutter instead of a blade? Wouldn’t it be safer? Or you just like being unsafe?
Yes, I know. No, I’ve always cut my nails with a blade.

Is there anything else you want to say?
You want to make some soup out of my nails?

Aapne banaya hai pehla soup naakhun ka?
Haan, naakhun ka banaya hai.

Huh. Piya bhi tha?
Aap ko pilaunga banake.

India Today

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PostSubject: Re: ★ (Jai Ho Interview) Each and every person will relate to “Jai Ho”: Salman Khan !   

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★ (Jai Ho Interview) Each and every person will relate to “Jai Ho”: Salman Khan !
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