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 ★ Shah Rukh Khan and I were never so close: Salman Khan !

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PostSubject: ★ Shah Rukh Khan and I were never so close: Salman Khan !   Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:50 pm

Tina Krishnan | Jan 07, 2013

The 'Tiger' Salman Khan has won a million heart with his charismatic personality. His 100 crore club has created a challenge for most of the actors. He is the only actor hosting 'Bigg Boss' since three years. Just a few days before the finale in a exclusive candid chat with Daily Bhaskar, Salman talks about the show, contestants on the show especially Imam Siddique, his career, desires and his arch rival Shah Rukh Khan.

You have hosted 'Bigg Boss' for three seasons, what do you have to say about the show? Where you happy with the 'parivaarik' content this year?

This is a very dicey show to do for the host himself. We always had the fear from saying things that might hurt people or we ending up doing things which are not accepted on television. We also had to see that if I'm scolding someone it doesn't become too much and then people end up thinking Salman is trying to scare a particular contestant. Also when we are taking someone's case we need to keep in mind that parents and grandparents are watching it and they don't want their children or grandchildren to speak the foul language that is sometimes used in the show. So this is the most dicey situation because we fail to understand when we have to react and when not.

What do you have to say about Imam?

Everyone is enjoying Imam's antics today. But what if he has to go and get a proper job or if Sapna has to do a job? Who would want to go to Imam for casting or Sapna to go and get a haircut. I'm worried about their life after Bigg Boss. If I have scolded someone or said something to the contestants it is out of concern. I can just tell them about things they are doing inside the house but what happens after they come out because that image is going to be there. That image of being selfish, rude and arrogant will always be with you. They are not getting a fixed job where they get a salary and a fixed boss and things, after this they might get a show to host or so. There are people like Niketan, anyone will hire him. Lot of people from earlier seasons and from this season like Delnaaz and Urvashi, they look strong. Also, I think after this show, Sana will get a lot of work. From the earlier seasons, there is Ashmit who is really busy doing different things, Hrishant is waiting for his break, Shweta came out, Dolly initially had a problem but everything changed. She was a personality for television but when I interacted with her personally she is not like that. The problem with Imam is that is he like this outside also. So, I just hope these guys come out and get a lot of work. Once they are inside they get lot of recognition and its time to use it in the right way.

You mentioned earlier that you don't like interfering in the fights between the inmates. Comment.

I don't like it but still I had to get into the house matters. Sometimes its like something wrong is happening in front of you and you are sitting quite. I know I'm not there father, mother or any relative, I'm just a host so I also have to maintain that distance. I keep quite and wait till the time the contestants are not misbehaving with me. But when Imam did that timeout thing with me I didn't like. He said sorry I'm was ok with it. Later, after that episode he again misbehaved with me and said he doesn't want to talk to me about a certain issue to me, I said ok don't talk go to hell.

The ex-contestants have claimed that Imam in a way is a soft target. How much do you agree to this?

There are things which happen in the house and people fight over it but why always Imam has to mess things. Like little food is wasted he yells, he has spoilt food so many times. Why always one person does all the mistakes. He keeps saying doctors are dieing with hunger and people don't get good food, why you have to bring all this out. Everyone knows that, why are you trying to touch the sentiments of people. Like he also played the Muslim card, Sana and Aashka are also Muslim but they never did that.

For the first time on the show we saw you defending Shah Rukh Khan, what triggered you to react?

It was basically for Imam that he is not the one who has made anyone. If anyone has become something in life is through his dedication and the almighty. It is because of his dedication that he is on this stage. We have no right to put somebody down. Me and Shah Rukh don't get along at all, but what is not right is not right. The fact that SRK comes out of his house and goes to work, provides so many people with work. So who are you to take credit for that. Not only with Shah Rukh but even with Preity.

Does these things bother you?

These things don't bother him or me. I'm sure he must not be thinking about me just like the way I don't. We are doing our work, our names would have not come into our minds for months together. We were never so close that something can come between us.

You have been associated with non-fiction, do you plan to venture into the fiction side of television?

No, television is too much of hard work. Reality is about one season but when you do a serial you are stuck in it for 10 - 15 yeras. But I should say television popularity is a lot more than Bollwood. And the kind of stuff I want to do on television I'm doing.

There is a perception for people that what ever Salman sells is accepted by the people. A Salman Khan film is declared a hit even before release, do you agree with this?

Lots of people have gone through this phase where they feel that it will be a hit but at the end of it, what comes out is a disaster. So every film you are worried about how it will be made, how will the promo come out, is it larger than life. The interest level has to be maintained. The give and take relationship with the audience has to be there. You never know which movie becomes a hit or a disaster, you get to know it only after the film releases.

Do you get nervous before a release?

I don't get nervous. I just pray that the hard work which we put in the film shows. Mentally you are the same, but you worry that you haven't lost the plot or the character you have played. So these are things which I worry about.

You have been doing action for a while and we haven't seen you experimenting like other actors. Comment.

There are two action sequences in a film, one is action in beginning and then interval point. The emotions is attached to the actions. Till the time the action is not backed by emotion it doesn't work. There is action but there is a lot of romance and emotion as well. For eg: in 'Dabangg 2' the relationship between husband wife (himself and Sonakshi) or the relationship between Vinod Khanna and his son is backed with emotion and action. Action is only in the beginning, interval then a shootout and then climax action. People think that it is a complete action film because the promos are made in such a way but actually it is not.

When do we see you in the Prem avataar again?

Soon! I'm doing Sooraj's film which we will start shooting soon.

What you have to say about 'Dabangg 3'?

It will be a continuation to the second and thrid part. It will go back wot show how Chulbul Pandey became Chulbul Pandey. It will be like a flashback. This third one is actually the first one. So 'Dabangg 3' can be called a prequel.

Is Sonakshi a part of it? What will be her role?

Yes! Very much. There is a role for Sonakshi in' Dabangg 3' also. She is there her father is also shown. But the twist is that we will not meet.

Do you feel you need more time for yourself?

No I have lots of time. Why would anyone want to have time for themselves. You are 24 hours with yourself.

You are a Superstar today, does this success scare you? Do you feel scared that this success might not stay for ever?

We know that is going to happen. Its just that how hard you can work to keep it going. How long you can see the distance between the fan and the hero increasing.

Does success ever get overwhelming?

I am so used to success by now that I know exactly that how I need to take it. I know this is all superficial. I know this is my profession, my work and I get paid for it. But apart from that, it doesn't go to my head. Its like a 9-5 job.

You have been in the industry for years done different genre of films and also television show, so are there any desires left?

I guess work a little harder. I just hope that the other people are also as interested as I am. And these other people are my team and not the heroes. If my team works hard, it will come on me.

daily bhaskar
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★ Shah Rukh Khan and I were never so close: Salman Khan !
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