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 **Salman Khan At Madame Tussauds Wax in London!!**

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PostSubject: **Salman Khan At Madame Tussauds Wax in London!!**   Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:17 pm

Salman Khan At Madame Tussauds Wax in London

Salman Khan Unveils his Madame Tussauds Wax in London Interview Excerpts
Who should be the next bollywood star to have their Madame Tussauds waxed figure?
Salman: Right now, I don’t think there is anybody worth it. (Smiles) Not for quite some time till I come back again….It’s definitely Aamir Khan. In fact he should have been the first one here.

Jab ye offer aaya tha mujhe yaha pe madame tussauds mein aane ke liye tab maine refuse kar diya tha kyuki mujhe yakeen hi nahi ho raha tha ki ye mere saath bhi ho sakhta hai…..Kya hai ki jab mai 15 saal ka tha tab mujhe yaha pe entry nahi mili thoda sa late aaya tha toh mujhe entry nahi mili, then my father used to come here, my sisters come here and well for all the Asian fans people who know me, they can’t touch me can’t come home and take a picture but you can take a picture with this thing……
Mujhe bahut aacha laga. I absolutely loved it I think gorgeous looking man. Matlab jab ye tasveer khichwaya tha tab thoda sa mai unfit tha toh jaise tha waise hi unhone banaya maine unko bahut convince kiya ki thoda sa issko ribbed ya bigger kare but wo jaise tha waise hi kiya unhone……
I am just shooting for an action film and concentrating more on my charitable organization called being human these are the only two things I am doing right now and there is a film releasing in two months…..
If you have to convey message the theaters have to be full and if you have to make money the theaters have to be full so either which you want. I don’t think you know…I don’t think that art films work. Internalism I mean where have you seen art films like working I mean why would you want to loose a 2 crores , have a broken eye go dark and dirty and why would you want to do that. I just don’t like depressive cinema.
This is actually not the first time I have waxed but I’ve been waxed earlier quite a few times it was really painful but this kind of waxing is good and it feels really good.
Fans jo hai…. kyuki fans hai iss liye hum hai agar fans nahi hote toh aaj yaha hote hi nahi hum toh jo puri credit jati hai fans ko or mere fans die- hard fans hai, pictures chale ya nahi chale kuch mere life mein uthar chadav aaye ya nahi aaye wo fans mere saath hi hai rahete hai. Which is a damn good thing. Abhi jo fans mere bache the aaj wo bacho ke maa or baap bann gaye lekin wo mere fans hai or phir humare fans dadaji hai nanaji hai you know all these dadimaas hai nanimaas hai or phir bache bhi hai toh ek iss group se leke uss group tak sab fans hai.
You are now immortalized  in wax now at Madame Tussauds how does it feels?
Salman: It feels great because I think am the only one who has been voted to be here and I think all my fans am always being thanking them and they always being supporting me but I thought you know it will be something in India but the NRI fans plus the Asian fans the Indian fans they have all voted in and they made me win this hands down. I think am the only one who is been actually voted to be here.

Do you think they have captured you and your persona in the wax work?
Salman: Yeah…I think so..I think am the only one in the vest so yeah and it looks good I think it looks fantastic.
When you first saw it do think is that me or?
Salman: (Cut’s the question)No..that is me I think that, you know from the look even though it’s just waxed sculpture and it feels that, that’s got my heart in it because they’ve got the eyes right.
And initially it was rumored that you declined the offer?
Salman: Yes..because I thought that was a joke..
Why would you think that?
Salman: You know because…I didn’t think that anybody would have the guts to get me to place with such a clean image reputation and to get somebody who’s got court cases against him and I think that it is absolutely fantastic that somebody has gone ahead and taken that stand and put me in here and that’s also because of my fans who voted me to be here and it’s fantastic people in my own country may not have given me this honour so that’s the reason why I think that this whole team at madame tussauds has got lot of guts and great taste (laughs) and also may god bless and rest madame tussauds soul in peace.
What made you change your mind?
Salman: Well…when I got to know that it was not a bluff, it was not a bakra I jumped to it.My father never gets excited for anything I mean my films have run for five five six six years and he is like aaa…everyone says am doing really good work my father says aaa….but for the first time my father actually asked me to do something and he insisted that I did this and I knew that how important it was for him and I obviously know the magnanimity and the reputation and the bigness of madame tussauds.
And you are currently bollywoods most eligible bachelor. Do you plan on change that to any time soon
Salman: for some time  
Why is that?
Salman: Just because…
You had a very busy year 2007 had some great hits Partner being one of them was there as much fun to make as it was to watch?
Salman: I think it was a lot more fun to make because Govinda is hysterical he is the funniest actor that we have on the Indian screen and I keep on saying this all time that you take all the Indian actors and you have Govinda on the other side and he will kill all of us and he was so funny in the movie that I couldn’t keep a straight face and am suppose to be like really chilled out and suave and you have to keep like a straight face it be, irritable but all the time I just can’t. He used to keep up cracking up all the time. So it was lot of fun for me. We used to laugh all these laughing and then splits I started wheezing on the sets one day I was like I just couldn’t control myself.
And what was like dancing with Govinda?
Salman: Nightmare..He is one of the best dancers we have in the industry now because he gets his movements right but he also gets each and every expression right with the dance moves and he enjoys it…That was a pact between Govinda and me till the time I don’t look right dancing next to you, we will not approve that take and he manage that for me every time he used to come and watch the monitor for me I used to be standing on mark…and he used to say one more and most of the time he used to lower his standards for me to look good in the film because I am the one who suppose to teach him how to dance and I have got too extreme left feet I have got no sense of rhythm I have got no sense of timing and I have just got one expression for songs.
Well it doesn’t appear so..
Salman: Fortunately with me the camera lies.
What you have planned for 2008?
Salman: There are two kinds of people that god has made one type is people that…for example Madame Tussauds there is Mr Amithab Bachchan there is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan there is Shahrukh Khan he has made people like that who can take care of themselves and then he has made Special kind (pointing himself and laughing) the privileged the handicapped like me and actually I am very privilege because he takes care of me.

I just hope that Aamir agrees to do this I mean if they ask him Aamir should do this. I think he should have been the first actually for the kind of work that he has done his image is so proper so correct that I think he should have been the first I mean that respect and dignity he has that and cute boy’s charm, he is intense he is one the best we have
It will be really really  unfair to put Abhishek and Madhuri there. Madhuri hasn’t worked for last six seven years Abhishek Bachchan  has just come in the film industry so he is trying to get the niche in the film industry he has been five or six years and then it would be unfair to, also put me in that bracket because I’ve been for 20 years I mean Shahrukh, Aamir, me in the same bracket is fine but apart from that I don’t think anybody comes up to that statue of that level but I am sure Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Fardeen Khan, Zayed Khan all these guys would actually come here but it’s too soon.
I am surprise….Why would anyone think that I would be such an heartthrob, tomorrow my family doesn’t react to me the guys in my building don’t react to me I see 10 people in my own building never heard I want to be like them at all, by looking everything it’s not just this it’s a lot more I think it’s my personality.
Any Messages For Fans?
Salman: In life go straight and turn right

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**Salman Khan At Madame Tussauds Wax in London!!**
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