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 **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**

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PostSubject: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:01 am

‘Being human is brand Salman’

A bare-all interview with Salman in which he reveals that he’s a painter, writer, telly host, eligible bachelor and gym icon all rolled into one and yet - he claims that being Salman is quite easy!

Moody, temperamental and ‘misunderstood’ that’s how we have been describing this Khan over the last 18 years. We have had our share of spats with him but now all that seems to be a part of the forgotten past as we catch up with him at Mehboob Studios where he’s shooting forVeer, a period drama that is based on a story written by him. He says it’s about men who fight to honour their word. It’s being directed by Anil Sharma. In a shoulder-length mane and a low-slung orange jeans and his famous bare, glistening torso, Salman Khan is shooting for an elaborate song-sequence of which Mithun Chakraborty and . Sohail Khan are also a part. There is buzz of visitors around Salman’s vanity van - fans clicking keepsakes with him, a couple of visually challenged musicians playing their CD for him, designer Anna Singh and editor-director Shirish Kunder waiting to catchup with Khan. Arbaaz drops by to share a cup of dark coffee with his famous sibling. After attending to all of them, Salman signals us to unfurl our questionnaire. The light drizzle and constant humdrum on the sets couldn’t dampen our spirits as Salman warmed up to us slowly but surely. Excerpts from the interface:

Trade insiders have it that Salman never signs any agreement, he just gives his zubaan. Is that true?
Yes, I believe in trust. I do my work and get my price for it. I only work with people I am comfortable with.

With this big boom following corporatisition, how have things changed for you?
Nothing has changed for me, just that prices have gone higher. On the whole film viewing has changed, the movie watching culture is coming back with the multiplexes and even in the single screen theatres conditions are improving. Things are going to be better and better. But the producer can make only two types of films either a big-budget bonanza or a small multiplex film. Nothing in-between works.

Good time to beef up brand Salman?
Being human is brand Salman. I cannot keep the money in my hands, I leave it with my father, mother, Sohail or Arbaaz. I have always supported charities in my own way. If I can raise funds through an hour’s work, cutting ribbons I would rather do that than have charities where people would feel obliged to donate money.

Why is it then that you are rarely seen in cause-worthy films like Phir Milenge?
If you have to give a message then the theatre has to be full, what’s the point in doing films that aren’t going to be seen?

What kind of films do you want to be a part of now?
Happy films… that the family enjoys watching together. My next Yuvraaj will be in theatres in November and then Main Aur Mrs Khanna. I am doing two action films -of which Wanted - Dead Or Alive is turning out to be very interesting with hand-to-hand and gun fights. There are none of those cabled action sequences, it has real action.
Sohail has two more films for me - Partner 2 and Main Punjabi. Veer has just gone on the floors. The next three years are booked.

What’s your take on competition?
Youngsters like Ranbir and Imran are better suited for romantic roles, it would look absurd if I played a collegian now. I have now to evolve and play different roles.

What about 10 Ka Dum, how much longer does it run? What has been your biggest lesson from the show?
It’s been a fantastic run, we are almost winding it up now. There are only a couple more episodes remaining to be shot. 10 Ka Dum podium is like a confession box. The participants are so forthcoming - they don’t hide anything, they come straight out with their feelings. Their candour is overwhelming for me at times.

Have you started understanding people better after this close brush with them?
Oh I know people much more than anybody else because I lead a normal life. In spite of all the luxuries available to me I sit out , I cycle, go to public places like Barista and still visit all those places where I went as a kid.

Do you think that people understand you better after 10 Ka Dum?
People never believed in what was being written about me, that’s the reason I am sitting here. They always knew me. If they hadn’t I would have been out of the industry

Are you like the character you play in God Tussi Great Ho?
That character is very unlike me, he keeps cursing God all the time. With me - I don’t pray regularly but when I am happy - I thank Him and I know that He’s watching from above.

Amitabh Bachchan plays God on -screen in the film with you. Comment.
There is nobody better suited than Mr Bachchan to play this character. With his voice, his persona, his stance and talent as an actor, he’s simply outstanding - he’s perfectly suited for the role.

Would you like to play God?
I would never like to play God, never…

What’s the one thing you will change if you were made God for a day?
I would increase everybody’s salaries so that there will be no corruption. People will not stoop down to such low levels as they do now. If their basic amenities and requirements are taken care of and they are happy there will be less reason for corruption. For those who are pathologically corrupt , no money is enough, but by-and-large this would be my solution.

Salman, what would you say is God’s greatest gift to you?
Hmm… Salman! The fact that I am here surrounded by my family and well wishers around me.

Are you God-fearing?
No! Why God-fearing? I am God-loving! Only those people fear God who do something wrong and then feel He is the guarantor of sorts.

Come on, describe yourself.
I don’t know how to do that! I may react to a situation in a different manner today and then entirely differently tomorrow to it because I go by my feel and I go by my impulse. I am right at times and sometimes I may go wrong. Then - phone uthaao, sorry bolo - yeh galat ho gaye boss!’

Are you a head person or a heart person?
My mind and my heart are all in sync. What I think is what I say and what I say is what I do. My motto remains unchanged though - “Go straight and turn right.”

How is it to be the most enduring gym icon ?
It is very painful, very, very painful. Sometimes all I am not the most correct person as far as my habits are concerned so I have work it out that much harder in the gym. Till my joints creak.I eat what I like, I don’t count calories but I burn them out. .

Is it difficult being Salman?
No, it is very easy being Salman - you just have to be honest - that’s all it takes to be Salman. I believe that you are born empty-handed and you will die empty-handed. There is a hand of God in everything.

Finally Salman, is peace-making on your agenda now? Especially with SRK with whom you had the much-publicised fracas recently.
I am at peace with myself. I wake up, work-out, go for shoots, laugh a lot and sleep in peace.

Sooth-sayers definitely predict marriage for you soon. Is wedding on the cards?
Yes, I shall be getting married next year.

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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:21 am

‘If someone doesn’t mess with me.. I won’t mess back’

Nikhil Taneja, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, November 17, 2008

He’s going through a rough patch personally. An interview scheduled at Mehboob Studio is cancelled. He’s worried about his friend’s ailing wife. And his pet dog isn’t doing well. I’m informed that he may not be doing any more interviews for a few days.

So I’m surprised when the very next afternoon, all is okay and I’m at the handkerchief lawn fronting Galaxy Apartments, asking:  

Do you get nervous before your movie’s release?
SK---No, you have to let it go. I don’t even understand why we need to publicise movies to this extent. It’s terrible when you club publicity with a cause for underprivileged children. I don’t like such things.

Yet, you seem to have become media friendly..
SK---(Cuts in) NO, I’m not! My producers tell me, “Bolo film ke baare mein, bolo film ke baare mein”.. to main bol raha hoon. Simple. See, I have four friends in this world, and one of them died a few days ago. So I’m doing all this only because I have to.

Oh, I’m sorry. Do you really have to talk even if you don’t want to?
SK---I don’t know. When there was no media earlier, films would run for five-six years. See, you can con people and say it’s a mind-blowing film but no matter how much you publicise it, if they don’t like the first promo, the film won’t work.

How would you rather have it?
SK---Dekh pehle star ki yeh quality hoti thi.. there was an enigma.. everyone wanted to know kya khata hai, kya peeta hai, kya karta hai. Think of Dilip Kumar saab. But now it’s a circus.. dham, dham, dham and splash, you’re everywhere. Now it’s all about kiski kiske saath fight hui hai and kisko insecurities hain.

Only your film speaks yaar. Aadmi kitna bolega ek hi film par? (Pauses, and then smiles) Now, you would want to know about my kirdaar in Yuvvraaj right?

Yes.. did you connect with the film since it’s a story of three brothers?
SK---Yeah. Initially, it had two brothers, but then Subhashji added one more for the emotional connect.  I play Deven Yuvvraaj, he’s messed up because his parents didn’t love him. (Tells me the story in depth). There is no drama-shaama, no stupidgiri.

You had a big row in a toilet room with Mr Subhash Ghai once.. how did he convince you to do the movie?
SK---(Immediately) That problem is ancient history, it was sorted out the next day. My father said that he is your senior, you cannot disrespect him, whether he is right or wrong, you apologise, and if he asks you to jump off a building, jump off. I agreed. So, I apologised.

Would you say that there are no permanent friends or enemies in the industry?
SK---Depends yaar.. depends upon who messes with you how many times. Once, twice, three times.. you say haan, jaane de, he’s my friend, it’s fine. Then it continues, and I feel foolish.. to have believed that people can change. Nobody changes, boss.. you are born that way.

Please go on.
SK---There’s a story about two friends.. a fish and a scorpion. There’s nothing to eat. So the scorpion asks the fish to carry it on its back to another island, so it can feed both. The fish trusts the scorpion who doesn’t know how to swim.
But when they reach the other shore safely, the scorpion stings the fish! Bang! The fish asks why and the scorpion says, “I can’t help it. It’s my fitrat.. I’m like that only.”

Your friends swear by you and vice versa. Do you think you can really hold a grudge against Shah Rukh Khan?
SK---Did I say I hold a grudge? Life is too short.. actually it’s too long to hold grudges. I just don’t want anything to do with people who mess with me and mess with my family. If someone doesn’t mess with me, I won’t mess back (goes silent).

Okay, so did you recommend Katrina Kaif for Yuvvraaj?
SK---(Unfazed) I wasn’t even aware that Subhash Ghai had signed Katrina for the film. See, Subhashji makes his women look really gorgeous and makes his men look like men.

Katrina recently said that you’re very unromantic in real life.
Yeah, she is right about that. I’m very unromantic.

You speak about your relationships openly but Katrina..
SK---(Cuts in again) I have never spoken about any of my relationships openly at all. Where have you heard me speaking about them?

I’ve read your interviews.
SK---(Slowly.. saying each word distinctly) I have never spoken about any of my relationships, dude. You’ve got the wrong Khan.

Okay, rumours are that Veer is stalled because of the recession.
SK---Are you mad? It’s only been postponed by a few days because of Yuvvraaj’s promotion. I begin shooting for the film again from December 1 in Film City.

Why are you holding up Boney Kapoor’s Wanted: Dead or Alive?
SK---The film is complete. We have shot for 150-160 days out of which 90 days were only for action scenes. Two songs are left which could easily be shot here but Mr Boney Kapoor wants to shoot them in Greece. He may not be in the best of positions as a producer, but he still believes in grandeur.

Has the recession affected your price? Reportedly T-Series wants you to reconsider their Rs 50-crore deal with you.
SK---(With a straight face) I have asked T-Series to increase my price by another Rs 10 crore. If they are not okay with it, they can take someone else.

The stills of Veer have made news because of your chiselled body.
SK---I worked out for four days for the body you saw. Now I’m working for a whole month, so it will be in a different league altogether.

Is it inspired from Suryavanshi?
SK---No chance. Both films have the same  producer.. Vijay Gilani.. bas.

Are you aware that Sanjay Dutt may dub for your role in the animated version of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?
SK---I’m not aware of that, but that’s good. It’s their film, let them do what they want to do with it. My sister (Alvira)  had asked me to do the film, so I had done it. Khallas. Sanjay Leela Bhansali hasn’t approached me for his next movie. Big deal.

Aren’t camps being formed in the film industry?
SK---(Upset) This is such a small and silly thing. My family goes to people’s houses yaar. How small is that, yaar, if that is a reason for ‘camps’. I don’t know what to say.. the press makes stupid s*** out of all this.

You can write whatever you want, boss, but when my fans see me one-on-one or on screen, the battle is won. I don’t believe in award-shawards.

You should treat me the way I treat you. If I’m disrespectful to you, if I’m using a journalist, you shouldn’t take it. But if I’m not, you have no right to disrespect me.

---Hindustan Times

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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:34 am

‘Sorry, but I don’t forgive.. and I don’t forget’

Rachana Dubey, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, October 29, 2008

He says he won’t patch up with Shah Rukh Khan even if Sanjay Dutt wants him to. He says that the global meltdown has affected some of his investor friends.. and they should be patient. He says there should be no mental borders between India and Pakistan. And he’s excited that Heroes has drawn encouraging initial collections.

He raves about Subhash Ghai (past differences buried) and is not too frazzled by the fact that Hello didn’t rock the box-office because there’s always ‘next time’. Salman Khan lights up in an anaar-phirki-rocket-patakha conversation with Rachana Dubey.

Yesterday was Diwali. Do any special memories linger in your mind about the festival in general?
SK---(Smiles) Lots of them. Once when Arbaaz, Sohail, Arpita and I were kids, we were celebrating the festival at home. Someone gave us rockets to burst. I lit one. I heard everyone at home screaming. The rocket had landed on the blouse of one of my aunts, her sari was ruined. Ever since, then, I’ve been very careful while bursting crackers. I think kids should not play with such harmful patakhas. Phuljhadis are the best buy.

What did you buy for Dhanteras this year?
SK---Nothing. I’m with my family..which is better than buying anything expensive. See ammi (Salma Khan) celebrates every festival with equal zest.. whether it’s Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Diwali or Christmas. She anchors the celebrations. It’s like that every year. I love the boondi ke laddoos that my mum makes. They are to die for.

Don’t you feel it’s a black Diwali this year given the recession and the stock market crash?
SK---I don’t think so. It’s a black Diwali for those who think that way.  Essentially, we’re all survivors. We have to confront various situations in life.There’s a high, then a fall till everything seems hopeless.. and then the high returns, slowly but surely. Indians should not be disappointed, they should see the market recession as a struggle to come out on the top.

Are you affected by this at all?
SK---I’m fortunate that I haven’t been affected but a couple of my friends, inside and outside the industry, have suffered heavy losses because they had made huge investments. I feel bad for them but I’m being positive. It’s a passing phase, all one needs is patience.

And the film industry?
SK---I’m not the industry spokesperson. Ask someone who knows.

Now tell me.. did you expect Heroes, in which you have done a guest appearance, to garner  good initial collections?
SK---(Smiles.. eyes shine) After really long, I had butterflies in my tummy because Heroes is really not the typical Diwali kind of release. It doesn’t go over the top with jingoism for one’s nation and heavy criticism for the neighbouring one. We don’t say Hindustan Zindabad, Pakistan Murdabad. That attitude would be wrong. If the film was on those lines, I would have thought twice before accepting it.
There are scenes which draw you emotionally. Like the one in which Indian jawans are flying kites.. and one of the kites flies across the border. The soldier crosses the lines and discovers that everything on the other side of the border is the same. So why do we fight?
In another scene, a mother tells her child that the man of the house is a prisoner of war in Pakistan. He did his job, the Pakistanis are doing theirs.We shouldn’t harbour hatred.

What is your view on the Indo-Pak relationship of late?
SK---I don’t know why we call them enemies. They are just like us. They love the same kind of movies. Our cricket teams have played together as one at the IPL matches. There’s no ill feeling while the teams play against each other.
The so-called borders exist only in the mind. In America and England, Indians and Pakistanis share rotis at home. I think the relations on a personal level are fine.

Weren’t you disappointed that Hello didn’t do well?
SK---I felt the film had potential. Atul Agnihotri is very honest and sincere about his work. So, I’m not disappointed that it didn’t do as well as we thought it would. Never mind, better luck next time.

Will you be in the adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone?
SK---Atul has already begun work on it. He hasn’t approached me yet. But I’m always there to help my brother-in-law.

How did you land at Subhash Ghai’s Mukta Arts party?
SK---Why do you ask? You weren’t expecting me to be there?

Right, no one was expecting you to be there.
SK---Yeah that’s because I was shooting for London Dreams. Subhashji invited me for the 30th anniversary of  Mukta Arts.  It was his big day. I only made it a little more special. My flight landed at 11.50 pm.. 10 minutes later, I was at the party.

How would you describe him as a director?
SK---Subhashji is like old wine.. he’s getting better with time. He’s cool, accommodating and he’s clear about every frame of his film. I hope I’m looking nice.

Mr Ghai claims that he has given you the best look of your life so far.. that he has resurrected the 20- something Salman Khan.
SK---(Laughs) Subhashji jhooth nahin bolte. He’s always right.

Your looks in London Dreams have forced Ajay Devgan to pay special attention to his.
SK---What yaar! How can you’ll even say such things? See, neither do I look like an angel nor does he look like a devil. He looks cool and I think I look okay.
In the film, he has spiked hair, wears earrings, leather jackets, cool shoes and glares. I’m a Punjabi desi boy who goes to London. So, I am in kurtas and jeans. So, Ajay looks quite handsome in the film.

When I met Sanjay Dutt, he told me that Shah Rukh Khan and you are like his two arms.. his brothers. And he would attempt a patch up between the two of you. Your take would be?
SK---(Smiles) It’s the festive season.. mood kayko kharab karti hai? Why talk of villains? I’ve wisened up. Sorry, but I don’t forgive and I don’t forget. I love Sanju Baba but I wouldn’t do this even for him. There are some things which cannot be forgiven.

---Hindustan Times

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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:50 am

I am struggling: Salman Khan

Shubha Shetty
Friday, November 14, 2008

Salman Khan admits to Shubha Shetty-Saha that he is struggling to keep the normal person within him alive

Salman Khan looked a little emotionally drained as he spoke to us about the issues that are bothering him and also those which are making him happy.

First of all, his movie Yuvvraj released on Friday. “Anil (Kapoor), Zayed (Khan) and I play brothers and we got along really well and it shows on screen. If you don’t like your co-stars in the film, no matter how well you act, it shows. We are all very secure in our own way. I am sure something or the other will make me insecure some day, but I haven’t come across it to date,” he says.

The producer-director of the film, Subhash Ghai and he had a famous spat a few years ago. Salman says, “That was sorted out the next day itself. My father asked me to say sorry to him. He said ‘Even if he slaps you or asks you to jump from the 12th floor, you do that and still say sorry. He is your senior and you have no business disrespecting anyone.’ Sometimes we do get carried away but these things can get sorted out,” he says.

But there are some, he says, it’s impossible to sort things out with. “You can only be closest to your family and a few friends. There is no point in trying to get along with everyone. Best thing is to stay away from people who wish bad things for you. I don’t think people who are always competing with you can be your friends. There is always this jealousy factor…” he trails off.

Salman says he finds solace by talking to God everyday. “I don’t ask him for anything. I just thank him for all that he’s given me. God knows what I need. I just ask him to keep my health and izzat intact. I think I am truly lucky to be put in my family, to be given the kind of looks I have and so much love. I know a lot of them around who think they have achieved it all. It is so foolish. Nobody is bigger than their destiny. I am the last person to go around saying I am the greatest person alive. Let other people say that. People know it instantly when you are faking it and trying to sell yourself.”

Salman says what other people think of him has never bothered him. What he is sensitive of though is about giving back the love and respect that he’s received all these years.

“Professionally, I might go higher or lower, doesn’t matter. But I haven’t figured out how to give back the love that I have received. I want to do something more human and personally, feel at peace. I am passionate about the children in my organisation (Being Human). We are lucky human beings but the least we could do is try to be as human as possible. Rather than trying to run someone down, try and save someone’s life. When people see someone doing something human, they go wow. I get really irritated with this. It is our duty. If one person helped another one, this world would be a beautiful place.”

Salman says he has no wishes for himself. “My ambition was to have Rs 10 lakh in my account, which I have managed some time ago. What can one achieve more than being the most loved man? I think I am. I don’t know what I am doing right or wrong, but I know my intentions have always been right. A lot of people think that knowingly or unknowingly, I have only done things to harm my career. They think I cannot be a superstar because I am still the person I was when I was in college. But that is what I want. I want to be this normal person. I am struggling to keep that person alive. I refuse to change. People can’t seem to digest that fact,” he says.

Well, it’s easier for us to digest the fact. Especially since soon after this interview he received a call from a friend whose wife was taken very ill. Salman rushed to his aid, without wasting even a second.

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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:12 am

'I connect with the real people'


Salman Khan on Yuvvraaj, Kat and of course SRK!
SK---Salman Khan's bluntness and sarcastic humour can have you blinking at times, but if you know how to roll with the punches, and look beyond that, you will relish his candour. In a freewheeling interview the actor takes up cudgels for his Yuvvraaj director Subhash Ghai, discusses Katrina's look alike and of course his dost turned dushman, Shah Rukh Khan.

First time experience of working with Subhash Ghai?
SK---Good. I love the way he speaks English! Subhashji is very talented. His last three films have not done well. Whatever the reason but you can't negate his body of work. I see the way people are with Subhashji nowadays, it's not how they were earlier, and it just because his three films were not hits. Arre three films didn't do well but 33 films of his did well na from Vishwanath, to Kallicharan, Hero, Vidhaata and Yudh so the man knows his job. You cannot keep giving hit after hit. With Yuvvraaj he has gone back to his kind of cinema. He's come back to making the films he used to but slightly more subdued, a lot classier. No one can touch him where music and drama is concerned.

SK---The way he portrays his heroines, heroes and the manner in which he takes small characters and makes big films out of them is unbelievable! We shot for Yuvvraaj for 30 days in Innsbruck. You see the making of the film it looks like he must have spent Rs 200 crore on it but I don't think he spent that much money. He knows exactly like a technician what to put up, how much of it to put up, what shot to take, where he's going to edit it.

Was Yuvvraaj the first script Ghai offered to you?
SK---No. I had heard two three scripts before this. The scripts were good but I couldn't play those characters. I wanted him to make Hero with me but Subhashji said we would make it later. Then he came up with Yuvvraaj. I liked this script as it was about three brothers I have two brothers. Anil is very close to Boney and Sanjay, Zayed is close to Fardeen so we all know about brotherly bonding. I found the script fantastic and wanted to do it. I play Deven Yuvvraaj, a musician-singer who's in love with Katrina. Her father wants her to marry someone big. My family throws me out because I am rude to my older brother (Anil Kapoor). My character is jealous and possessive because he never gets the love that his older brother does. And Anil Kapoor is adha-saada and adha-paagal.

Is it based on The Rainman?
SK---No. Anil Kapoor's character is more like Eeshwar. He's not autistic like Dustin Hoffman is in The Rainman. Because he's been beaten up in his childhood and he knows everyone is negative around him he prefers to be around children. He's very childlike. After our father dies, I come to take the share of the property and find out that there's another brother (Zayed Khan) there who is a bigger shaana and then Anil and I team up together. I love the negativity in my character but I am not ruthless. I am justified for the way I behave justified in frustrations, suspicions, anger, and hating father. And then he eventually realises that this brother is like my God to me.

Would you ever play an autistic character?
SK---Pehle jo simple characters play karta hoon usko barabar karne do uske baad! If I would get a comedy film like that I would definitely do it, but if I get a serious film no way. If you want to give a message the theatres have to be full. And only commercial films run to full houses. So if I have to play larger than life characters, I will do them easily as everybody relates to them.Apparently you loved the scene where Katrina plays the cello so much that you painted her. I didn't paint that. An artist called Rouble Nagi has done it. She took the picture and painted Katrina with the cello. I have the whole set of paintings. Katrina is looking outstanding in the film. The cinematographer Kabir Lal has shot it nicely.

Name three of your all time romantic favorites.
SK---Love (with Revathi), Tere Naam and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Is there any Hollywood or Indian intensely romantic film that you would like to do?
SK---Not now. I have just written Veer so I am happy with that.

Youe TV reality show was successful...
SK---I know... I know... how sad is that (sarcastically)!

Why sad?
SK---Because it was a huge success… and some people didn't like that. Forgive me please (sarcastically)¦ but that is my connect with people and my personality.

Did it surprise you that the show did well?
SK---No, but it surprised a lot of people. I am 43 years old, and since the age of five I started understanding myself and I knew this is something I could do. Because I connect with the real people. Now when real people connect with real people the reality show becomes a lot larger-than-life and a real big success. How sad! For all the people who thought it wouldn't be...

Would you do a repeat if the channel (Sony) asked you to?
SK---Yes, of course! I am looking forward 100 per cent to doing much more season 1, 2, 3, 4 10, season 20! There is nothing better than that. It's very hard work because we have to react, not act. In films, we are not ourselves. But on a show, you get to be yourself. Why would anyone want to lose that opportunity? People come out and discuss their family problems with me because they have seen my films in their living room so they feel I am one of them.

Did their show of open affection sometimes embarrass you?
SK---Yes, sometimes I did get embarrassed. I am like that a kind of shy guy.

What's happening with your film with Shirish Kunder?
SK---We have spoken about it but he's writing the script right now. So once the script is ready we will start. I would love to work with him. I loved Jaan-E-Mann a lot.

Has the global recession affected your films or your market price?
SK---No not yet. I have just been hearing about it. When all the corporates came in they had a lot of money. So they gave lots of producers, directors and stars signing amounts and those films were not made. So that is not my fault. When I start a film, I complete it and that's got nothing to do with my price coming down or getting better. When my films start flopping and I don't get weekend opening, I would definitely drop my price but right now I will just complete them (smiles).

Everyone is working with newcomers Aamir with Asin, you with Zarine Khan, Shah Rukh with Anushka. Where does that leave the established actresses?
SK---What to do now? I am still working with most of them ya... I am still working with Preity (Zinta), Rani (Mukerji) I have worked with this lot but we have to work with newcomers also. There are lots of new guys coming in too. From my side they are more than welcome to join the bandwagon. I will make sure that I go out of my way to promote their movies and to support them and to see that they become big stars. The same way women should also come into the industry but that's my thinking. I would rather have a Ranbir Kapoor, Harman Baweja or Imran Khan around. I won't try and discourage anybody or compete with them. I would share whatever I know with them because when I came in I was encouraged...

By who?
SK---Myself. I remember what I went through when I was started out, and I will see to it that anyone I know does not go through the same thing. I will encourage him. Everyone is here to make their lives and support their families you can't take that away from them. I have the right to promote anyone but no right to demote anybody.

Your female lead in Veer is Zarine Khan Katrina's look alike. Why didn't you take Katrina?
SK---No, she doesn't look like Katrina at all. By that definition, every fair and pretty girl looks like Katrina. We took Zarine because we needed a newcomer. Katrina is already working in Subhashji's film with me. To work again in Veer would be pakao yaar. Chalo aage bado naa… and Katrina's got lots of big films so it doesn't matter.

Why are you delaying Boney Kapoor's Milenge Milenge?
SK---That's the one you have to ask Shahid and Kareena. On the Rockstars world tour I had admitted that I didn't want to do the film. I am not part of that film. Ask Shahid Kapoor why the film is getting delayed.

Khan vs Khan
Salman is still simmering about the fight with Shah Rukh Khan. A deep hurt lingers about his family socialising with SRK. Here he talks about all things SRK.

Can we talk about SRK?
SK---Whatever I had to speak on SRK, I said it then straight out. It's SRK's choice to say whatever sweet things he's saying now four months later.

You wouldn't like to add anything more?
SK---Why would I want to? I am promoting Yuvvraaj.

Sanjay Dutt wants to play mediator between you and SRK. Are you okay with this?
SK---No. I don't want anybody playing mediator.

Have you told your family to stay away from Shah Rukh and his friends?
SK---No I haven't told them that. If they want to participate in SRK's family events they are more than welcome to do that. But don't you think that it's a kind of a joke that from one side it's straight from the heart from one family and from one family it's straight from the brain? Oh yeh Salman ke behalf pe aa rahe hai so he (Salman) looks like a fool. Yeh sabko bulaya gaya, yeh sab aayenge, they are all here, so Salman must be wrong. Because my family is socialising at SRK's family events!  SRK thinks that the fight was blown up by the media that you both would have sorted it out privately had you been given the choice.

The media blew it up?
SK---As soon as Shah Rukh left the party, he started calling up the media! I didn't speak till one week after the fight because he was trying to put me in the middle of something which is not cool from any angle! That is the time I stood up and started speaking. There is no reason for disrespect. Everybody messes up. I have messed up also not once but so many times, without any malice, any manipulation or agenda. If things go wrong between two buddies we say 'okay buddy let's hang out together and sort it out' but if you are going to mess up and disrespect me then forget it!

Are you a head or heart person?
SK---The right side of my head is my heart. I will always do what is right. I am human man! I am trying to be human. I have lots of flaws but I am taking care of that. But there are some things I don't have — jealousy, incompetence, insecurity and maliciousness. I don't have a temper either, though I may get angry. And if I am wrong, I have the courage to call up and apologise. Say sorry and I am fine. What I say is what I do. I don't say something and do something else and think of something totally different.

---Mid Day

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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:23 am

I see ShahRukh and his situation with me in the same light as I see my situation with Vivek

August 11, 2008

When Salman Khan summons, you show up. His PR man wants me to come to Bandra for a quick chat with the actor. I rush to the suburban studio though I am warned of a long wait as Salman is shooting for his newly launched film. After what seems like an eternity, I am invited into his vanity van.
I take a seat opposite Salman, who is bare-chested... and smoking. He gets up abruptly and asks his boy to fetch him a tee. After he clothes himself, we settle down for a chat about his upcoming film God Tussi Great Ho, his girlfriend Katrina Kaif, his fight with SRK, and more. Read on.

God Tussi Great Ho releases on Friday. What's so great about it?
SK---There is a lot of humour, the music is fantastic and it is a good plot. It is one of those films that you can watch and have a good laugh. That's the genre of films I am doing nowadays. Masti, mazak, comedy, commercial movies! No emotional stuff. The sole purpose of the movie is to make people enjoy themselves and forget their worries. It is the kind of a film that you can watch again; I believe a movie should have repeat value.

Why was it in the making for so long?
SK---A year, dude! The movie started off a year ago and now it is complete and ready for release.

It looks like a rehash of Bruce Almighty?
SK---Yeah, the plot of the two films is similar but we have made changes to suit the Indian audiences. I don't think that Jim Carrey can sing and dance like me! So they are not identicial movies, if that's what's you are implying.

This is the first film with special effects, no?
SK---When I took up the film, I was worried about how the special effects would turn out but when I saw the final result, I was taken aback! The effects look really believable.

Apparently, the film was delayed due to your problems with Priyanka Chopra. True?
SK---No. I think Priyanka has done a commendable job in the movie.

Weren't you tempted to play the role of God in the film?
SK---If you're talking about the role Mr Bachchan is playing, then NO!.

GTGH is releasing with Ranbir's Bachna Ae Hasseno, whose debut film you were in. Any thoughts?
SK---I really hope his film does well...

Not worried about releasing alongside a Yash Raj Film?
SK--- (Grins) No. I am sure they must have made a good film. The coming Friday is a long weekend due to Independence Day, so I'm sure that the movies will not cut into each other's business and will have ample time to grow and lure in the audiences. It's all good!

What about doing movies with Yash Raj?
SK---If they give me a good script and pay my price then I don't see why not. They have to come up with stuff I like to do. I will do anything for any producer if I like the script. If I am doing a David Dhawan film, I will not ask for a script but if I am doing a Yash Raj film, I'll make sure they give me one. Plus, they have to pay me what normal producers pay me. I don't compromise on my price for anyone.

How much do you really charge for a movie?
SK---A few crores, depending on my market price at the time. I don't want to give an amount and make these other actors insecure and jealous. But I am the highest paid actor there is.

Let's talk about your role as host of 10 Ka Dum...
SK---There are a good three months left for the show to end on television but I am almost done with my part. I just have to shoot one more episode. It's been great. I am being myself and that's where the fun of the show lies. There is no written dialogue or a teleprompter. The contestants ask me questions and I answer them to the best of my ability and take it from there. I think it's my job to make them feel comfortable.

There is a buzz that most of the contestants on your show are paid actors...
SK--- (Laughs out loud) I think all the shows have the same way of finding people. In fact, the people behind Shah Rukh's show Synergy are the producers of my show too and they have the same systematic way of finding people to be on the show. As a matter of fact, I get so many people who want to be on the show and they can't because they have to go via-via-via to get on it. It is a very long process. The member of the production team auditions people from different parts of the country to get them on.

What about shooting with these stars on your show? Some of them you don't really hang out with (Priyanka and Akshay)...
SK---I have a lot of friends, bro. I have been in the industry for over 18 years and barring a handful of people, I don't like to call my buddies, I share a great rapport and comfort level with them.

Having Akshay on your show was interesting. No more bad vibes there?
SK---No. Why should I? I have done two movies with the man. On the show, Akki, Katrina and I were all sharing good vibes.

Akshay asked you on the show why you weren't marrying Katrina. Was that pre-planned and scripted?
SK---Akshay is Akshay. And he is known to be his silly self. It was very spontaneous. Nothing on my show is scripted. It's all purely impulsive.

When are you going to marry Katrina?
SK---When her face starts to wrinkle, I'll marry her. (Winks)

Let's talk about your fight with Shah Rukh.
SK---There is nothing to talk about, bro. Have I spoken about Vivek Oberoi? Why should I speak about him, then? I see Shah Rukh and his situation with me in the same light as I see my situation with Vivek.

But if you bump into SRK, will you greet him?
SK---I used to like him a lot at one point of time. But now things have changed. We have grown up. Now, we don't see eye to eye. I don't see any reason to keep in touch with him. If I am not fond of anyone, I will not pretend to be friends with him and then stab him in the back. I will simply tell a person like that to stay away.

Buzz is that you got Aamir and SRK together after the dog blog incident! Is Aamir doing the same for you? Also Sanjay Dutt says he wants to sit you and SRk down and sort it out.
SK---Why would Aamir or for that matter, Sanjay, want to help me? Why would I want to help Aamir sort out his issues with Shah Rukh? I'm not a two-year-old kid, you know. It is our situation SRK's and mine. I think it is better the way things are. It is better to not pretend and act like close friends. I will not do anything to harm him as that is not in my nature. I will not bitch him out either. It's just that everyone is talking about it! Shah Rukh himself hasn't spoken about the fight and what went down but a lot of his close associates are giving stupid stories and leads to the media. Since the fight, I have been reading very, very negative articles on me.

What actually happened at Katrina's birthday?
SK---Till now, what you've heard is only Shah Rukh's side of the story. When I see the situation getting out of hand, I will come out with my side of what really happened. There are too many people involved and as far as I am concerned, it was a private conversation. That is still one side of the story. I don't think that anybody should be disrespectful or vindictive; everybody has their own lives and their own destinies.

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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:38 am

'No candlelight dinners for me...'

The reclusive Khan opens up to take on queries - from karma to Katrina

By twilight, as he drives in his silver Land Cruiser into Mehboob Studios, Bandra to promote Yuvvraaj, there is a rustle of excitement around. Hushed whispers of “Bhai aa gaye!” rise from all directions. The reclusive Khan has changed these days. He is prepared to take on any queries from the media - from karma to Katrina - he’s game. For a change he also covers up his honed torso in a snug full-sleeved vest. He gathers his hair into a tiny pony behind and talks about adab, tameez and masti - the three elements that maketh Khan.

You have signed Arbaaz’s debut production. Will it feature the three Khan brothers?
SK---The film is called Dabang. Arbaaz and I play cousins in it. I play a corrupt cop who uses all the wrong means to do the right things.

How well do you identify with that Robin Hood role? Buzz is that your role in London Dreams is also a great extension of your real self?
SK---Yes my character in London Dreams is mostly like me - responsible yet full of masti.

Yuvvraaj is the story of three brothers just like you three- Arbaaz, Sohail and you. How close is it to reality?
SK---Yuvvraaj is about three brothers brought up in the absence of their parents. It’s about sibling rivalry and bonding between these three brothers. I play the mean, frustrated, funny, angry middle brother while Zayed is the youngest and the worst of the lot. Anil Kapoor is the elder brother whom we both discover and bond with. Eventually begin to love him.

How did you get along with Zayed and Anil?
SK---It was amazing with the three of us working out together in the gym, having dinner and throwing parties - we had a blast while shooting Yuvvraaj, and giving Anil wake-up calls at 9.30pm! There was an emotional connect between us. It was almost as good as doing a film with Arbaaz and Sohail.

Yuvvraaj uses western classical music as a backdrop to the plot and Katrina learnt to play the cello for it. Did you learn to play any musical instrument for the film?
SK---I am sorry I couldn’t ! I play a vocalist in the film, a chorus singer who thinks he’s a superstar.

It is the first time that you come together as a couple with Katrina...
SK---Oh yes, in the film Katrina’s father asks me to raise enough money before allowing me to marry his daughter. In order to get the money I go back home.

So what is your idea of romance?
SK---Jo hai so hai...I am what I pretense. No candlelight dinners for me please, I will be bored. Right from day one of my romantic relationship I do not promise the moon. You get what you see. But if you are in trouble, I will be there for you.

Why don’t you openly admit your personal relationships ?
SK---Look, my bedroom is my bedroom, and my living room is the whole world. I come from a family where we are taught to respect our elders. There are certain sets of do’s and don’ts that I follow. I will not kiss on-screen - even in Maine Pyar Kiya the symbolic kiss was done with a glass pane in-between.

Baccha baccha janta hai...that we are friends, why talk about it? Our seniors are watching us and it is not our culture to discuss these things. It is considered badtameezi - bad manners.

Has your dad laid down these rules for you?
SK---Oh, only the other day and I found my father fuming. He had just been watching one of my interviews on TV and he didn’t like the way I was slouching on the sofa then,” I wanted to smash the TV when I saw you sprawled like that,” he thundered, “You are not that kind of a person, but people will think how ill-mannered these film folks are,” he scolded me. Through that interview I was talking to millions of viewers and really I shouldn’t be offending them. He teaches us adab and tameez.

Do you still jog around Bandra Bandstand and have a coffee at Barista?
SK---I cycle around Bandstand and also take a rickshaw occasionally. Life hasn’t changed much for me.

On 10 Ka Dum, you were most popular with mummies and aunties; can you give a percentage of your popularity with older women?
SK---99.9 per cent mothers love me the problem arises only when I get close to their daughters (smiles cheekily)!

With elections around the corner, will you either contest or campaign for it?
SK---I have no political ambitions. I also do not support any particular party. If I like the person I will go all out for him - it doesn’t matter whether he’s from Congress or the BJP.

Any more seasons of Dus Ka Dum?
SK---Of course you will see me on TV again, I’m sorry! (mockingly) 10 Ka Dum did really well.It was a hit show for the channel.

Your forthcoming ventures?
SK---London Dreams, Veer, Main Aur Mrs Khanna, Boney Kapoor’s Wanted and Arbaaz’s Dabang.

Where did you find your Veer co-star, the Katrina look-alike Zarine Khan?
SK---Zarine doesn’t resemble Katrina at all, and neither is she like Amrit who’s picture was being flashed on telly as my Veer co-star; I spotted her at Subhash Ghai’s film school Whistling Woods when she came there for casting. She was taken because she looks the character - the sweet princess she is playing in Veer.

While Katrina is dancing at JW Marriot on the New Year’s Eve, is it true that you three brothers will be dancing at Sahara Star?
SK---Nothing has been finalised yet, we are still in talks. Wherever we perform, it will be a fund-raiser for my charity Being Human.
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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:48 am

Passion for Rolex was a childhood thing: Salman

A short interview about... umm... watches
Wed, Aug 27, 2008

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Salman Khan and punctuality don't go hand in hand, so it was surprising when the actor turned on time for the launch of a watch boutique.

Known for his fetish for watches, CNN-IBN gets Salman talking at an opening of a watch boutique.

CNN-IBN: Tell us something about your fascination with watches and how many watches do you own?
Salman Khan: I don't have any.

CNN-IBN: How can that be. We know about your fascination with Rolex watches. Tell us something about that.
Salman Khan: It used to be Rolex. It used to be a childhood thing because there was this friend of mine who used to say, ‘in my Rolex watch, it is 3 hours 30 minutes and so many seconds’. That was my childhood memory and one day I asked him, ‘I want to borrow your watch for a day.’ He said, ‘are you mad. I can’t give you my Rolex.’ That is how it got stuck in my head.

CNN-IBN: Which is the watch that you are wearing right now?
Salman Khan: It is a Concord.

CNN-IBN: When you buy a watch, it is generally to see the time. Are there any other features that you look for when you are buying a watch?
Salman Khan: Not really. It looks good and I buy it.

CNN-IBN: It is an opening of a watch boutique and we see celebrities coming in late for most of the events. It is one of those rare occasions that you have come on time?
Salman Khan: It is because I was shooting for Mr Boney Kapoor’s film and he was making me run. So I thought it was a good chance that I run from there and come here, since it was about watches and I was sure of being gifted a watch here. So, I came here on time.


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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:31 pm

Salman in confession mode!

I wish all of them would give so many interviews even when there's no movie approaching

13 Aug 2008,

Naturally, his new film with Priyanka Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan is ready for release. And he’s opened himself to questions about his spat with the irrepressible Shah Rukh Khan, his relationship with the lovely Katrina Kaif, and whether he is threatened by her success on screen with the rising Akshay Kumar. BT, however, chose to work around these questions and put the lovable Sallu on the hot seat for a rollercoaster round of dum-walla sawaal...

Katrina and Akshay... the new hit jodi, is it true you don’t like her working with him?
SK---Honestly, I have no issues with Akshay. He’s a simple, hard-working guy. They look good together on screen and their films are doing well.

And Shah Rukh, what if Katrina does his ‘Temptation’ show?
SK---She should, I have no problem. She’s even working with John and I have no issues with that. But Vivek is a big NO... there’s no chance, she cannot work with him.

You’re still bitter about the past?
SK---Salman ko chamat maar, maar ke phir puchte ho maaf karoge? Tell him (Vivek) to save his acting for the screen and not off it. I cannot forget what he’s done to me.

But you’re such a large-hearted guy...
SK---But I’m not God. The same people said I was bad boy, daaru peeta hai, jail gaya, maarta hai... accident karta hai.

What if you became God for a day?
SK---I wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility so I don’t want to be Him.

Shah Rukh’s not vocal about the differences you both have...
SK---I wouldn’t have talked about it, but I had no choice, I feel so bad that something like this has happened. For me to behave in such a manner at my own party... imagine the enormity of the problem and what must have happened between us. The problem is from his side, not mine. You must remember, true success doesn’t understand crab mentality. It’s secure and beautiful.

Has somebody played mischief here?
SK---No, it was entirely my choice. We had fought earlier, too, and I forgave him at the behest of my brother. Sohail asked, ‘If your brother does wrong, will you not forgive him?’ And I went and hugged Shah Rukh. I was genuinely happy and celebrated his success everytime.

What are you all about?
SK---I know right from wrong. I accept my mistakes. I’m driven by my heart, my heart is in my thinking, it’s not just a pumping machine. I live in my own world, but that world is very humane. I am touched by the needy’s need. That’s me.

Is cinema your life?
SK---No, my life outside is more fulfiling. I don’t consider myself a filmstar. I cycle to work, meet people on the way, oblige them, nobody bothers me on the road. Cinema is a three-hour jaunt in which I pull people away from their daily woes. Logon ne hamein sar pe chada ke rakha hai. And what I make of that adulation is in my hands. If I start believing I’m invincible, that’s when the downslide will begin.

Will you ever get married?
SK---Next year, I’m settling down in 2009 and would like to become a father immediately.

With Katrina?
SK---She’s my girlfriend, so, yeah.

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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:35 pm

Shah Rukh and I will never patch up

Salman Khan finally breaks his silence; talks to Kunal M Shah about his war with SRK and Vivek Oberoi

• What is God Tussi Great Ho all about?
Salman:It’s about a man who is angry with God and blames him for everything that goes wrong in his life. Finally, God comes and talks to him about what his problem is.

• There is a scene in the film which has been shot in your house, Galaxy Apartments…
Salman:Yes, there is one scene in my house, which is shown as Priyanka's house in the film.

• You usually don't work with debutant directors. How did you agree to do this film with Rumi?
Salman:Well, I do make exceptions. I also worked with Shrish Kunder in his first film. I have done several films in which Rumi was the writer. I was assured that he will make a good film.

• We believe that you started painting on the sets of God Tussi Great Ho.
Salman:I paint whenever I get the time. I started painting about a year and a half ago.

• Priyanka and you didn't get along well during the making of God Tussi…
Salman:I am cordial with her.

• All the people who know you always say that you are the most misunderstood guy in the industry. What do you have to say to this?
Salman:I don't give a damn. I am what I am. That's the way I am, if you like it, then thank you very much, and well, if you don't like it, sorry!

• What about the war between you and Shah Rukh Khan?
Salman:It is totally unfair to label it as a war. We are different individuals and have different perspectives.

• Will you tell us what exactly happened between the two of you at Katrina's birthday party?
Salman:When I have never spoken about Vivek Oberoi, why should I speak about Shah Rukh?

• Will Shah Rukh and you ever patch up?
Salman:No. Shah Rukh and I will never patch up

• Please go on...
Salman:Yeh sab unka problem hai. Agar meri burai mein unko happiness milti hai, who log paisa kamate hai, toh accha hai. Aap meri dhana-dhan phaad rahe ho, aur apni family ko support kar rahe ho… well then, enjoy! (Laughs).
( This is their problem. If by saying rubbish about me, they get happiness, they earn money, then its good. You all are tearing me to shreds, and supporting your family..... well then enjoy!)

• Vivek has publicly apologised to you. When will you forgive him?
Salman:Yeh sab drama shama mere ko samajh mein aata hai. Yeh sab acting hai.
( I dont understand all this drama shama. This is all acting.)

• What about John Abraham?
Salman:John Abraham? What about him?

• How is your experience of interacting with people on the sets of Dus Ka Dum?
Salman:I love it! It's nice if people are making money through the show. I am also making money. It's like fulfilling a lot of dreams.

• Some people say that the show is not doing well.
Salman:You always have these idiots here and there talking rubbish. When their film is about to be released, woh chada-chada ke apni tareef karte hai.

Shaurat aur izzat upperwale ke haath mein hai, jisne mujhe shaurat aur izzat di hai, usne mujhe taqat bhi di hai, aur koi meri taqaat mujhse nahih cheen sakta. Fark nahin padta. These people forget that there is one thing above all- the Almighty.
(Fame and name are in God's hands, who has given me name and fame has also given me the strength and noone can take my strength away from me. It does not matter.)

• Do you personally invite the celebrity guests on the show?
Salman:I invited only David Dhawan and Govinda till date. Otherwise, I never invite anyone. I don't call celebrities and I don't do anything for TRPs.

• How is the industry supporting your organisation Being Human?
Salman:In terms of financial support, well, I have not received a single cheque till date from anybody from the film industry.

• Seriously?
Salman:Yeah. That's the reason why I am now staring my own clothing line. This way, I can work for the organisation.

• We have heard that your father Salim Khan has helped you lot with the script of Veer.
Salman:Yes. My father's personal experiences are pretty much there in bits and pieces and the dialogues are all his.

• You are doing Andaz Apna Apna 2?
Salman:Aamir has been talking about it. Let's see…

----Mumbai Mirror
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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:38 pm

‘The gut feel is important’

9 Sep 2008,TNN

Author Chetan Bhagat, a Salman Khan fan, is making the film Hello based on his book One Night @The Call Centre with Atul Agnihotri. And, naturally, he hoped some big actor would play his role. Atul approached brother-in-law Salman, who had read the book and was taken up by Chetan’s character in it, with the project. Salman had only one question: “Can I play Chetan’s role?” That was that. Salman, the ‘author’, took questions from BT on the sets while Chetan looked on...

Films or television, what brings out the best in Salman the actor?
SK---Whatever makes me connect with the people... and it’s nice if I get a little bit of a chance to improvise. Television gives me the chance to do that.

God Tussi Great Ho didn’t do well at the box office...
SK---I feel that publicity is more important than spirituality! Because God was not promoted well, the film didn’t do that well.

You’re an impulsive person...
SK---Yes, I am impulsive and I take my decisions instantly. The gut feel is very important but I’d rather do something and then if it’s a mistake, accept that it’s a mistake rather than not do anything at all. If I see someone drowning or dying, I have to make a decision right there. I don’t have the time to deliberate.

When are you planning to settle down with Katrina?
SK---There is a right time and right place for everything. When that moment comes, I will feel it.

When did you realise that there was a painter in you?
SK---Since the time I saw art being sold for enormous prices. I realised that I could use this money for my foundation.

You’ve got along well with Abhishek Bachchan recently...
SK---I’ve known Abhishek for years, so why wouldn’t I have gotten along?

What’s your exercise regimen like?
SK---I work out everyday, 90 minutes of vigorous exercise and all days of the week irrespective of the time... even if it means that I don’t get more than four hours of sleep a day.

Do you get sick of all the media attention?
SK---Do I get sick of the fuss around me? Yes, I do, but I’m glad that it’s happening, because the day it doesn’t, that means it’s all over.

What kind of girls do you go for?
SK---I like simple girls. The simpler, the better.

What do you feel about the whole rat race, about people jostling for the top position?
SK---I treat this as my passion and hobby. I love what I do. That’s all that matters and that’s all that ever will.

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PostSubject: Re: **Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:57 pm

Main Aur Mrs Khanna was never offered to SRK.

Shah Rukh and I are no longer friends: Salman

August 10, 2008

Harneet Singh in an exclusive interview with Salman Khan gets first hand reaction of the high profiled actor on issues... ranging from the big fight and his equations with Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Akshay Kumar and God!

Since your film, God Tussi Great Ho, is releasing this Friday, it'll be interesting to know in which situation do you say the film's title?
SK---I say that in each and every situation. No matter what happens I always thank God. Agar yeh nahi bologe toh aap nashukr ho (if you don't say this then you're thankless). God has given me so much and I just have to appreciate it.

What kind of a relationship do you share with God?
SK--- (He blows a kiss to the sky) That's my rapport with God. I talk to him all the time. I always get my answers from him. Sure, there have been instances when he doesn't listen to me and doesn't give me what I ask for but he does that only when I don't deserve it. I've observed that whenever God hasn't given me what I asked for, it's for the best.

You do a lot of comedy films, what is it that clicks with the audience about your comic style?
SK---I think it's the sincerity and the person's personality that the audience relates to.

Which is your all time favourite comic film?
SK---Andaaz Apna Apna. I've only seen the whole thing once but whenever I happen to catch it on television I end up being glued to it.

Is it true that there is going to be a sequel to Andaaz Apna Apna?
SK---That's what I hear. Aamir (Khan) wants to do it. It all depends on our director Rajkumar Santoshi. I'm game for it.

You come across as a very warm and affable host on 10 Ka Dum, how do you make sure to be always in a good mood?
SK---It's very simple. If you come to my house and you are being nice to me so why wouldn't I be nice to you? I don't fake anything. If I'm not in a good mood then that too shows on screen. But bad mood doesn't mean that I've to behave badly. I try and be a good host.

But you're not comfortable with women hugging you?
SK--- (Shrugs) They come in, they are very sweet to me and I don't mind it if they hug me. That's their way of showing affection and I respect that.

But are you a hugging person?
SK---Nope. I'm not an exhibitionist, not a demonstrative person. No hugs for me.

But you do know how to throw the most talked about party?
SK---It was Katrina Kaif's party. Maybe it'll be talked about for decades to come but definitely not by me. I'm not going to speak about it.

But was there a fight with Shah Rukh Khan?

What led to the fight?
SK---Have you ever known me to speak about anybody? Whatever happened is between me and Shah Rukh. It's personal.

Is Shah Rukh your friend?
SK---Not anymore. I'm not going to deny that there are issues between us. I'm a primitive man born in today's time. I can't fake anything. If there is a problem then I'm not going to deny it. We've had problems before also but this time I don't think we can sort them out. We are two different people. Our values and way of thinking are different. I don't think we can be friends. I think it's better to declare that then put on a fake façade of being friends and back-biting each other.

But there is a lot of shared history between you and SRK, didn't he stay at your house in his struggling days?
SK--- (Smiles) Yeah but I've only been to his house twice in my life. The first time I went on my own and the second time was when he came and took me to his house for a chat.

The buzz is that professional rivalry between you two especially with regards, your respective shows, Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain and 10 Ka Dum, led to the fight?
SK---No, I don't think it's because my show is doing better. I don't think he's that insecure. The reason of the fight is personal.

Is it because he refused to act in your home production, Main Aur Mrs Khanna?
SK---Let me make it clear once and for all that Main Aur Mrs Khanna was never offered to SRK. I was always doing the film. It's just that when Shah Rukh used to come to my home to ask me to appear on Kaun Banega Crorepati and Om Shanti Om, I just mentioned it to him that it'll be nice if he has the time to listen to the story. That's all.

It seems you and Aamir Khan are the latest best friends. You're gifting him paintings etc?
SK---Aamir and I have always got along. I made his portrait and gifted to him. What's the big deal?

There are rumours that you and Akshay Kumar share cold vibes too. True?
SK---No, no, not at all. Akshay is a colleague. He's a nice guy. He is very hardworking and keeps to himself. Akshay will work hard to bring himself up and not to bring someone else down.

Every second day there are stories of you and Katrina Kaif either breaking up or making up. What's the status?
SK---First of all, I want to know who are all these friends, sources close to me and my family who speak on our behalf? My friends will never speak like that about me or anyone close to me because they will give their life for me. Obviously it's someone who is insecure, jealous and friendly to the press. Maybe they are someone else's friends.

That doesn't answer my question.
SK---What do you want to know?

Just tell me are you and Katrina together?

---Indian Express

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Salman Khan: Rebel Without A Pause

You’ve completed 20 years in this industry…

…and done around 75 films.
SK---That’s it? I thought it was more than that.

What has the journey been like?
SK---All good. Fantastic… Couldn’t you have asked me anything more, anything better?

I’m coming to it.
SK---Okay. You just want me to answer a yes or a no.


I’d appreciate it if you could be elaborate in your answers. Which film do you consider the turning point in your career?
SK---Maine Pyar Kiya.

What about some of the films that followed?
SK---All good. I had one advantage. Since I’m a scriptwriter’s (Salim Khan) son, the ability to select the right script is in my genes. There are some wrong films I took on but the intention at that point of time was to buy a house. I knew those films were not going to do well.

But you still went ahead with them?
SK---They were average films and there was nothing extraordinary that was coming to me at that point of time. I chose the best that came my way. I’ve never had this thing about working with the biggest names. I work with people with whom I’m comfortable, I work with people with whom I get along. I need a few months before I start working with a person to know whether there will be any problems and if there will be then will they be able to handle them. Once that’s sorted out everything is smooth sailing. I don’t even sign a contract. My confirmation letter is signed after the film is complete.

You can be very unnerving.
SK---Why? What have I done? That’s an image that you media people have given me. That’s not me. (Laughs loudly) It’s what you have in mind of me, what you’ve read of me, seen of me, what you think. I’m just the way I am.

Do you choose roles similar to what you are in real life?
SK---There’s close to a billion shades to me so anything fits me fine. There are shades to everyone. You won’t be the same way with your family as you’d be with people you interview. Some people you love interviewing, some people like me you hate interviewing.

I don’t hate interviewing you. I just said you’re a little unnerving.
SK---There’s nothing I’ve done to unnerve you. It’s just that I’m not comfortable speaking and so I don’t do interviews. When I have a message to convey, I’ll do it.

What makes you smile?
SK---Anything. Happy moments make me smile, good things make me smile… bad things make me smile.

Bad things also make you smile?
SK---They make me smirk.

Salman Khan ko gussa kyun aata hai?
Salman Khan ko gussa nahin aata hai.

Nahin aata?
Nahin aata, nahin aata.

That’s another media created bogey?
SK---Yes. Hundred per cent. Gussa toh sabko aata hai. If my car breaks down, I won’t be angry with my driver. I’ll catch an auto. I won’t get angry if the shooting is delayed or even if nasty remarks are directed at me.

You do a lot to help people.
SK---Not really. I do whatever little I can, according to my capacity.

But you don’t like talking about it.
SK---Now I am talking about it because I’ve started a charitable trust called Being Human.

What exactly does this organisation do?
Looks after children, heart patients, provides hearing aids, whatever. If money can save a life and if I have it, then I’ll put the money into saving that person. If a case cannot be cured I will not touch it but if there’s hope I’ll do everything possible.

Will you accept donations for Being Human?
SK---Of course and if I don’t get them I’m going to extort money. I haven’t got any so far and I don’t need donations right now. But when I do, Hindustan khaali kardoonga. Then you’ll see anger. There are very few charitable trusts in which people put their own money. So far whatever money has gone into the organisation has come from the ribbon cutting and shows that I do, the sale of my paintings, my clothing line and watches I manufacture. From my earnings, whatever I’m legally allowed to give to charity goes there. I don’t have to beg for money. If you do, you lose friends. After the second or third call, that friend will stop accepting your calls. I am trying my best to make Being Human work. Those who want to can support me, if not they can go to hell.

Would you call yourself a role model?
SK---One man’s floor is another man’s ceiling. Maybe one person will tell his son to be exactly like Salman Khan but someone else will tell his son to do whatever he wants except be like Salman Khan. Either which ways we have two good qualities coming up, one positive and one negative. This gets passed on to his children and their children and so on and if it snowballs into the entire nation, then nothing like it.

Which nephew is your favourite?
SK---All three — Ayan, Nirvan and Arhan. I play with them a lot. I have enough time for my family and friends. Apart from films, I do shows, TV and paint but I still make time for family.

(There’s a sudden softness on his face when he talks about his family. A look totally absent ever since we started the interview.)

Do you think you’ll make a good father?
SK---Hopefully, you’ll get to know when I become one.

Which are the co-stars with whom you’ve enjoyed working?
SK---I’ve enjoyed working with everyone with whom I’ve worked. When you spend 150 days working on a film with co-stars there has to be a certain comfort level.

Any favourites?
SK---Rani (Mukerji), Preity (Zinta), Shilpa (Shetty)... who else am I working with?

(He feigns amnesia about Katrina and I wasn’t about to jog his memory.)

What about Sanjay Dutt?
SK---He’s like an older brother. We don’t meet very often but when we do we meet up at the same point at which we’d left off. Though we are two different individuals we are similar. We both went to boarding schools and boarding school boys are boys who bond over the years they spend together, share a closeness and are protective. And they always grow up to be men.

Are you self-destructive?

Some say you are your own worst enemy.
SK---That’s their opinion about me. I don’t use my potential to the maximum. I don’t use more than two per cent. But there’ll be a right time. Nobody thought I could pull off a 10 Ka Dum. They were all laughing at me. Every time I do a film they say we didn’t think you had it in you. It’s not me, it’s you. I look, I hear, I see. People should too. If you want to hear of me and not know me, it’s sad. You get information via, via, via satellite. It’s really sad.

This is just a snippet from the Filmfare issue dated November 26, 2008
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**Salman Khan Interviews of 2008!!**
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