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 **Why is everyone after my shirt all the time--Salman Khan (April-2005)!!**

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PostSubject: **Why is everyone after my shirt all the time--Salman Khan (April-2005)!!**   Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:58 am

Salman Khan never really got along with the media. So it was no wonder that when he arrived three hours late for the press conference of his new movie, Lucky -- No Time For Love, he offered no explanation.But though his answers were curt, he seemed to be in high spirits and joked with the reporters.

Sample this: When a journalist told him that the age gap between Khan and his leading lady, Sneha Ullal was big, he replied, 'Yes. I play a 12 year old and she plays a 26 year old.'

And another: 'How much did you involve yourself in your home production?' Answer: 'I didn't. Not even in acting.'

And yet another: 'Sneha Ullal resembles Aishwarya Rai.' Answer: 'No. She looks like Nadeem (of the music director duo Nadeem-Shravan)'.

What is Lucky about?
"Some schoolgirls have a crush on a guy and keep talking about him. But the heroine does not know him. After watching the film, you will say the film is sweet."

In which class does Sneha study in the film?
"Class 12. Nowadays, even in Class 9, every girl has boyfriend.""There is no 'exposure' and it is a very pure film."

Tell us about your role in Lucky.
"It's a romantic role. I play a nice guy, cool and chilled out. He is the son of the Indian ambassador, who is posted in Russia. He drives from Paris to St Petersburg to meet his father.This is the guy every girl wants to go out with. He's cultured, has principles, values and money. The story is how he takes care of the girl whom he does not even know."

To what extent could you identify with your role?
"Main is role mein itna ghus gaya tha... (laughs). How do I answer this question? I am doing the same thing for the last 15 years, yaar!"

Is Lucky your name in the film?
"Lucky is the girl's name, and the day she comes into my life is the unluckiest day of my life!"

What was shooting in Russia like?
"The day I was leaving St Petersburg, it was -3 degrees and that was the warmest day! We partied that day because it was a warm day! Normally, the temperature would be below -10 degrees."

So you haven't taken your shirt off in this film?
"Why is everyone after my shirt all the time? If you have the guts, take off your shirt and see!"

Tell us about your interaction with the Russians. It seems you shared cigarettes with them.
"Secrets? Don't say that! I never passed any secrets (laughs)"

Did you speak Russian?
"We spoke Hindi. There were interpreters. But though they spoke English properly, we never understood their English and they didn't understand ours! So we would speak in sign language.The best part was that half the unit did not even know English. We had to depend on sign language."

Is it true that Sneha Ullal is your sister's friend?
"She is not my sister's friend. Alvira (Salman's sister) saw her somewhere. She (Sneha) is the USP of this movie because she is fantastic! She looks very beautiful."

Was she nervous working with you?
"No, I don't think anybody is scared or nervous of me."

Any dialogues that you can share with us?
"Ladki bolti hai, 'Mera koi boyfriend nahi hai' and then she starts crying.I reply, 'Toh roh kyon rahi hai.'She says, 'Main us type ki ladki nahi hoon. Mera vishwas karo, mera koi boyfriend nahi hai. Mera please vishwas karo.'I laugh and say, 'Main yeh dialogue bahut baar sun chukka hoon.' Then I look at her lovingly and say, 'Tumhara vishwas karta hoon.'"

Mithun Chakrobarty is your co-star in the film.
"He is such a big star in Russia! When I was in Russia for 15 days, one or two would come and acknowledge me. But when Mithun came, about 60 Russians would wait for him as if he was some minister!"He is an amazing guy. His role is very difficult as he appears in different get-ups."

How have you changed in the last 15 years?
"I have put on weight and lost hair. My voice has changed slightly. Our films have advanced technically.This is the best place to be in the world. We have people from all religions working here. We have so much happening here."

What, according to you, is good cinema?
"A movie that your grandfather and you can see together is good cinema. Good cinema is also when audiences come out of theatres and want to behave like the film's hero, or when you come out crying or laughing.Good cinema is cinema that everybody sees and the films make a lot of money. There is no point watching a movie at home.I did a comedy film, Hello Brother, and an emotional film, Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha. I was the only person watching them at home alone."

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**Why is everyone after my shirt all the time--Salman Khan (April-2005)!!**
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