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 **Cine Blitz 2001 April--Salim Khan opens up for his son!!**

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PostSubject: **Cine Blitz 2001 April--Salim Khan opens up for his son!!**   Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:09 pm

Cine Blitz 2001 April

It is an emotionally wrought father we meet, after driving down to Salim Khan's farmhouse at Panvel. For all his outward bonhomie, it's obvious that the man is brimming over with emotion. He's determined to set the record straight, and there's much that needs straightening! Over to Salim Khan, uninterrupted!
"Everybody has preconceived notions about Salman Khan thanks to all the negative things written about him. If your neighbours constantly read that you were involved in smuggling, or you were caught in some dirty dealings, what opinion would they form of you?"

"Salman has been made a target. It's become very fashionable to hit him. His state today is like that of a person with a criminal record, who is picked up everytime there is a theft in that area. Even leading papers write unfounded stories claiming that Salman Khan has taken objection to a Dominos pizza outlet opening in his building, since he feels it harms his privacy, while the truth is that Salman is not even aware of it! It is the building society and the Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust, that has taken objection to it, but Salman's name has been dragged in to create 'news'."
"By far the worst, was the article in the RSS mouthpiece that carried accusations such as 'Salman does black magic, match-fixing, and beats up Aishwarya once everyday and twice on holidays'. It was picked up by dailies here. Why? Was it such a great piece of literature for papers to make it front page news? They are not gossip magazine! People don't realize that Aishwarya has been Miss World, that she is an educated girl with a mind of her own. She is not with Salman out of any compulsion. She is going around with him because they like each other. Would such a person put up with bashing?"
"I say, just leave them alone! They are grown-ups. If their relationship has strength, nothing in the world can stop it. If you kill them, they will become immortal lovers. If their love is not strong enough, they will finally fall apart. Salman's relationship with Sangeeta broke up even though it continued for seven long years. His relationship with Somi too, didn't last.."

"Can't people see anything good in that boy? He must have been in love many times, on intimate terms with his girlfriends. Has he ever spoken ill about any of them, even under provocation? We have a tradition of respecting women, in this family. Salman has seen his father do that. If Salman has a party at home, I always escort the female guests to their cars. It's the same with Salman. His ex-girlfriends have called him a difficult man to get along with, in print. But I ask them, 'Why were you with him for seven years?'

"When Salman banged on Aishwarya's door it became big news. Would they be interested if any lay man did the same? Salman did it out of concern for Aishwarya. She had called him over but when she didn't pick up the phone or respond for an hour, Salman got worried. He called out to her and banged on the door to find out whether she was all right. Faced with a similar situation, wouldn't you panic, too?"
"Today people are accusing Salman of being involved in match-fixing. Fact is , he can't even distinguish between Sunil Gavaskar and Dilip Vengsrakar! He has no interest in cricket, while I'm fanatical about the game!"

"I don't blame Aishwarya's parents for not accepting Salman. Their attitude is 110 percent justified. If you constantly heard bad things about a certain brand of toothpaste, would you buy it? An average person takes everything written by the media seriously. How come the media can only see the flaws in Salman?"
In the last 10 years he has saved the lives of as many as five accident victims.. Once, returning home after a 16-hour flight, he saw a scooter rider sprawled on the road near the airport. He picked up the injured man and carried him to the hospital. No one else came to the person's rescue. Salman himself called the relatives of the rider and then he called me.

"On another occasion, he was driving back with Sajid when he saw a Maruti that had collided with a truck. The bonnet was completely smashed and the two passengers sitting in front were dead. Sajid threw up at the traumatic sight but Salman rushed to the aid of the two passengers in the rear seat. He saved their lives!"
"Besides making his own personal contribution, Salman personally collects money for the cancer patients. He was the first one to go to Kargil after the war but that was never mentioned in the Press! All this is not to say that he hasn't mad mistakes; but so did I at his age!"

"Salman is a real softie. For his birthday he came to me and said..'Dad, instead of spending a couple of lakhs on a birthday treat, I want to utilize the same money to distribute blankets to the poor.' I was very proud of his gesture. He has even had a tank and pump installed in the village here, since he couldn't bear to see old or pregnant women struggling to draw water from a nearby well. I appreciate his sensitivity! So many grow as actors but with the exception of Mr. Sunil Dutt, how many really grow as human beings?"
"Salman is a very emotional person. Rambha once gifted him this black Great Dane puppy, Tyson. I brought him with me to the farm but when he fell ill, Salman took back to Bombay and cared for it himself. He would rush home from his shoot and spend all his time with him. When Tyson died, believe me Salman broke down completely. He cried like a child. (Shows us the photograph of Tyson). Salman was with him till the end. He has even written a beautiful essay on Tyson. You'll cry if you read it!
"He told me about his scrap with Subhash Ghai, the very next morning. He was unhappy about the episode. He was keen on apologising to Subhash. Immediately we met up with Subhash and the matter was settled. He was provoked but Subhash is a senior person and Salman could have handled the situation more maturely."
"These things happen when you are young and you become a star! Loyalties change every day and people let you down. Fame, fortune and power make a dangerous cocktail and it's very difficult to handle the hedy mix at one time! Please don't think I'm trying to justify Salman's behaviour. It cannot be easy though to stay normal though, when nobody trats you like a normal human being! Yet Salman is one of the most disciplined actors. All other heroes take two to three years to complete a film while a Salman film is completed within 8 to 9 months. Whether it is a Sajid or Rajshri production, they all still want to work with him. Had they been harassed by Salman, would they want to work with him?"

"Everybody thought Salman had AIDS, thanks to a story concocted by a magazine. We were plagued by calls from people who would indirectly ask, 'How is Salman's health? Uski tabiyat to thik hai?' People don't realize the damage they can wreak by unfounded insinuations."

"Once, travelling back from London, Helen and I were being needlessly harassed by a Customs official. He insisted on checking every suitcase of Helen's. Imagine our shock when he told us that he had information that Helen was smuggling things from Dubai! He drew out an old film magazine and showed us an item corroborating his statement. This is the power of the printed word. Three little lines can have far-reaching consequences."
"Today the media had broken all barriers of decency. I'm saying this on behalf of everyone who has been on the receiving end of it. Do I have to give an explanation every time some trash is written about me? Do I have to keep calling up the Press to clear my side of the story? What happens to my dignity as a professional who has worked 40 years in the film industry? I am not a smuggler or a convict, I have earned my money through creative means!"
"This family has a tremendous sense of humour! We have the capacity to laugh at ourselves. My sense of humour though is misunderstood by people here. I remember, I once got a call from a journalist asking how I felt about my son being named the 7th most handsome man int he world. I joked, 'No, he is the eight because I am more handsome.' The following day there was a write up about Salim Khan having a complex about Salman's success! My children admonish me for joking with people who have no sense of humour."
"There is tremendous amount of love in our family, but not everyone likes our self-sufficiency and independence. In life you have to show a certain dependence to be like. People don't like if you don't car a damn. But we cannot fake dependence!

"Salman is today being accused of being a communal-minded person! Fact is, Salman's mother comes from a conservative Hindu family. If five of his relatives are Muslims (from his father's side) then ninety percent of his relatives are Hindus. His younger brother is happily married to a Hindu. His sister has married a Hindu and his other brother has married a Christian. All of them are happy. There are no fights, and everybody follows their own faith. Our house should be recognized as a symbol of complete Indian cosmopolitan culture. So many different faiths live under one roof, yet we are accused of being in contact with the Muslim underworld!"
"Nobody questions newspapers that claim Salman Khan will be arrested in the next 48 hours. I ask them, 'Are your 48 hours over?' What is the legal system for is a man is declared guilty without trial? People claim to be witnesses just because they want to trouble celebrities."

"The forest officer who was trained to handle animals killed a black buck that had been raised on my farm, during their raid. He caught it and mauled it badly. He had a tranquilizer shot given to the animal in spite of the vet's protests. However, nobody raised this issue. Are only the black bucks of Jodhpur special? No action was taken against the officer, but Salman's issue was publicized and people marched at Marine Drive with placards saying, 'Ban Salman's films.' People call up journalists once a week and wine and dine with them, to build up their image. I don't want to do such things. I am happy with my life and my family"
"Salman has had his fair share of affairs. But when you are constantly working with good looking and beautiful girls, how can you stop falling in love? I still fall in love at the age of 59!"

"Salman has tremendous anger! But if he is genuinely provoked or feels frustrated that he can do nothing for a child who is dying of cancer, what's wrong with it? When Salman learnt that his manservant, Jaffer's daughter had a hole in her heart, he got her admitted to the hospital. We offered to foot the entire bill but the doctor was so moved by our attitude, that he insisted on covering the cost himself."
"Ours is not your usual glamour struck family. Our servants eat the same food that we do. Even till 4 in the morning our doors are open. Everyone knows that even if every place in the city is closed, we will still get a meal at Salim Khan's place!"
"People feel Salman should marry and put an end to all the speculation. But it takes two people to marry. Ash is still attached to her parents. She won't marry until her parents agree to this match wholeheartedly.

In India we contradict ourselves. We send our daughters to the best schools and colleges so that she becomes independent, and can make her own decisions.
Yet when she starts taking decisions, we tell her she's still a child and to leave it to us. Conservative families that get their daughters married in arranged matches don't know what it is to fall in love. They don't understand the power and nasha of love!"
"I have made all my kids independent. I don't claim that I am better informed but I have more wisdom based on experience! I believe that love should be expressed through touch. I hug my children constantly. I have never hit my children, yet the Press used to scream that,'Salim Khan tells Salman that he can't be a hero, that Salman makes it in spite of his father.' The imbecilies don't understand that I wanted my children to have a basic education, something to fall back on. I myself have an M.A. in economics. Why would I not allow my children to enter an industry that gave me so much? Films have given me my fame, money and respect. Am I an idiot to stop them? It's like me marrying a Christian and a Hindu and telling my children to marry Muslim girls!"
"I am fond of women. I have immense respect for them. I can never badmouth them, nor can my children. None of my boys have ever lashed out against a woman. We believe in preserving the sanctity of the moment that we spend with a lady."
"Certain senior journalists have damaged our image so much. Now even if Salman meets the media he will always be on his guard. So, what is the point of meeting them? Believe me, if I believed even half of what is being said about Salman, I would not be talking to you!"
"Salman respects me a lot and not just because I am his biological father. Salman has seen me handling myself in different situations. He respects me because of my moral courage."
"Helen wore all those revealing outfits that shook half of the country. When I met her though, I found that she was very simple at heart! You can't judge a book by its cover!"
Indeed! While the world may pan Salman with a vengeance, there is an assurance of good tidings, promised by the unflinching goodness of his heart!
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**Cine Blitz 2001 April--Salim Khan opens up for his son!!**
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